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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [14.11.16]

Don’t hate the Mondays, hate the game. Or your boss. Or alternatively, feel better by checking out this week’s best Pointless & Awesome facts for men. It’s beer banter on steroids which also gives you a reason to drink beer on a Monday.

The Correct Way To Cool Hot Coffee


Quick ways to cool coffee

Pop quiz hotshot: You’ve hit the office, long black in tow and now you’re ready to ingest some of that caffeinated goodness. But something isn’t right.

You close in for the sip and your mouth catches fire. Your coffee is too damn hot and needs to be cooled. What’s the fastest way to do that? Bored scientists over at Wired decided to find out.

  • Cup 1 has a lid and that’s it. This is your standard cup of coffee.
  • Cup 2 has no lid.
  • Cup 3 has a lid, but I am going to blow on the opening.

Using temperature probes in each scenario, the results from the comprehensive experiment are as follows:

Cup 2 cooled down the fastest followed by Cup 3 with blowing the coffee whilst the lid was on. Cup 1 came in last which was left to its own devices to cool with a lid on.

Highest Paying Flex Jobs Of 2016


Pay day awaits

Love your working hours undefined whilst earning top dollar? This is no phishing scam. Forbes have listed ten of the highest paying flex jobs of 2016. That means just you, your laptop, flexible working hours and anywhere your little employed heart desires.

10. Art Director – US$93,966
9. Mathematical Survey Statistician – US$107,876
8. Compliance Manager – US$111,347
7. System Integration Specialist – US$111,606
6. Senior Clinical Project Manager – US$120,395
5. Business Development Manager – US$120,729
4. Ruby on Rails Developer – US$126,407
3. Executive Sales Director – US$147,433
2. Supervisory Attorney Adviser – US$152,887
1. Physician Psychiatrist – $248,364

Why We Bite Our Nails


To bite or not to bite?

Believe it – the area under your finger nails is a hot bed for bacteria. If you’ve needed to shake hands with someone with a hand that looks like it’s been mauled by a chihuahua for the better part of the past decade, then back away. Slowly.

Scientists have long been trying to figure out the reason for this dirty habit and they have found a few reasons to date – and it’s not all to do with nervousness and anxiety. Verge discovered the scientific reasons why:

  • Boredom
  • Hungry
  • Frustration
  • Working on difficult tasks
  • It feels good

Celebrities Who Can Speak A Second Language


This man can speak three languages

Celebrities aren’t as one-dimensional as you think. As well as possessing an unworldly talent for pretending for a living, these few celebs can also speak another language. Now we bet you didn’t know that.

Hugh Jackman – French
Tom Hiddleston – Spanish, French, Greek
Kobe Bryant – Italian and Spanish
Will Smith – Spanish
Leonardo DiCaprio – German
Edward Norton – Japanese
Bradley Cooper – French
Jon Heder – Japanese

What Happens When You Eat Avocados Everyday


Saved by an avocado

Alright lovers of smashed avocados. It’s time to find out what happens if you go beyond moderation and smash avocados everyday. Even better news? It’s all positive according to Lifehack.

  1. Reduced risk of heart disease – Avocados have been proven to benefit the cardiovascular system
  2. Weight maintenance is easier – Eating good fat to lose fat is possible since avocados make you feel fuller
  3. Reduced risk of cancer – Avocados possess phytochemicals that may help prevent cancer. These also include xanthophylls and phenols which help to prevent oral cancer.
  4. Protects eyes and skin as you age – Avocado carotenoids help to keep the human body in optimum shape through a compound called zeaxanthin. This compound aids in slowing down vision impairment whilst buffering the skin from oxidative UV damage.



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