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5 Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [28.11.16]

Don’t be that guy falling asleep at your desk this morning. Stay awake and maintain your sanity with this week’s pointless and awesome facts for men.

World’s Oldest Alcohol


Not your average craft beer

It may be too early in the week for a tipple (or is it…) but have you ever pondered where the first remnants of alcohol occurred? Ponder no more. Anthropologists today believe that the arrival of alcohol brought upon the shift of humans from hunter-gatherer to agriculture. These are some of the oldest examples of alcohol ever discovered on Earth according to Listverse.

China: Archeologists in China recently discovered examples of alcohol consumption dating all the way back to 7,000 BC. The samples taken from the broken pottery found that there was a beverage brewed from rice, honey, and fruit with traces of tartrates – a chemical extracted from grapes and hawthorne trees.

Ancient Antibiotic Beer: Whilst researching the bones of ancient Nubians, archeologists discovered that their bones were laced with tetracycline. Researchers believed that this ancient anti-biotic was brought upon by the ingestion of beer. Furthermore, it’s been thought that tetracycline beer was used to prevent bone disease which the ancient Nubian race was known to be infection free from.

Iron Age Brew: Another burial that un-Earthed one of the earliest traces of alcohol consumption is located in South Germany – naturally. A bronze cauldron was dug up which contained traces of a 2,500-year-old brew. The iron age brew contained barley, yeast, honey, meadowsweet, and mint.

How Often Couples Have Sex


Get some

Think you’re getting enough action from the significant other? Pitch your sexy times against 30 couples from varying stages of a relationship who divulge their sexual frequencies to Refinery. Here are six of the results to see how you stack up.

Relationship length: four months
Sex frequency: five times per week

Relationship length: four years
Sex frequency: twice per week

Relationship length: a year and three months
Sex frequency: twice per week

Relationship length: 10 years
Sex frequency: twice per week

Relationship length: two-and-a-half years
Sex frequency: twice per week

Relationship length: eight years
Sex frequency: once per week

Office Desk Lunch Etiquette


Clean eating

Odds are you’re chowing down at your work desk right about now. If not you’re likely bound to one day or another as you fall deeper into the rat race. Thankfully Kitchn has the lunch desk ettiquette here for you to abide by so that you don’t piss off co-workers or worse, a senior with your dodgy eating habits.

Keep it civil: As annoying as it maybe, no one around you wants to hear slurping and splashing from behind a computer screen. Don’t eat things off the floor, wipe down your desk when you’re done and chew with your mouth open within reason.

Don’t fear smelly food: The rule here, according to etiquette experts, is to eat whatever you want. The thinking behind this is that something will always smell disgusting to someone and it’s all subjective. The silver lining of course is that when you’re done with your food that you dispose of it properly as opposed to letting it sit on your desk to ferment for the arfternoon. Be a good guy. Do the right thing.

Share the microwave: If your dish is going to take 10 minutes to heat up then best you do it in advance when it’s off peak microwaving time. It’s called nuke share, people.

Keep nutritional insights to yourself: When someone is smashing down a burger and you look down at your quinoa salad, don’t be that guy to school them on the benefits of health foods. Even if you do mean it in a helpful way. It’s the same as comparing your salary with theirs. No one likes a showboat.

Wash your own dishes: This one is often overlooked the most and carries with it a punshiable death. Okay maybe not that bad but do wash up when you’re done using a dish. Unless the office has a dedicated cleaner, no one else is going to do it.

How Much You Spend On Eating Out


Eating could be hurting your wallet

Australians are renowned for having one of the world’s most diverse food scenes so it’s little wonder how often we eat out. Finder recently compiled a study which suggests that Australians are not only eating healthier, but also more often outside of home. The stats? More than 50 million meals outside of home each week which equates to roughly $45 billion a year eating out.

Breaking that down further reveals that Australians are eating out two to three times a week, at a cost of nearly $100 per household per week – and that’s on top of your work hour lunches.

Billionaires With Criminal Records


Making crime pay

The top one percentiles have much to be cheerful about. One they get to swim in their Scrooge McDuck style money safe but their is a catch – these billionaires will have trouble holding down an average job like many of us and that’s because they have a criminal record. Here are some of the world’s most infamous billionaires according to Forbes.

Wong Kwong Yu: The story read like fairytale – a high school dropout turned electronics retailer and entrepreneur who became China’s richest man in 2006. Two years on the fairytale came crashing down as he was convicted for insider trading and stock manipulation. He is now serving 14 years in prison.

Mikhail Khodorkovsky: Considered one of Russia’s wealthiest with a money pot of $15 billion, the former oil tycoon has been serving time since 2003 for fraud and tax evasion. They were due to be released in 2010 but were again caught for laundering 200 million tonnes of oil. This added another six years to his time behind bars.

Raj Rajaratman: He was a hedge fund billionaire who ran Galleon Group and then went on to head one of the biggest insider trading schemes of all time. He was given 11 years in the slammer and slapped with a $10 million fine which is pocket change to him.

Alfred Taubman: The former Sotheby’s chariman was handed nine months in jail during 2004 for rigging art auctions. He seems like a good guy though with donations from his wealth made to the University of Michigan, charities and Detroit area schools.



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