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Smart Ways To Style Your Property For The Real Estate Market

So, you’re a magnificently smart bastard and you’ve made some smart investments in your time.

That refurbed 1963 Corvette Stingray? Not so smart. That property you bought? You smart cookie you.

Now putting said investment property on the market for sale or lease is not simply the act of selling or leasing a home out. The key point to realise here is that you are also selling a lifestyle. One that your buyers and tenants want more than anything.

Mind blowing, we know.

Open Inspection Rules


Keep them looking

Open for inspections only last fifteen minutes long so first impressions are really crucial. During this short time frame the interested parties are frantically running around, attempting to keep a poker face, eyeballing the competition, kissing the agent’s ass and also hopefully marking off their ‘Does it have…’ lists.

During these intense fifteen minutes, you’d preferably want to:

  1. Make a good impression and evoke the atmosphere buyers desire
  2. Know your market, know what they have on their “Does it have…” list and make it easy as pie for them to find big fat ticks
  3. Show them how best to utilise and set-out the property

Look At Your Property Like A Product


Sell it like you own it

Be sure to ask your agent who the clientele is and what their typical lifestyle is like. From here, jot down your target market’s priorities, values and aspirations.

This will help you clarify their needs and how to best present that in your property.

Remember, it’s not just about highlighting the obvious benefits of the property – yeah, those timber floors sure are great but it’s also about highlighting and setting the scene for your target market’s aspirational dreams.

We always strongly recommend having your property professionally styled by a real-estate stylist which is quite affordable considering the benefits.

If for whatever reason you can’t or don’t want to (particularly if you’re just wishing to lease it out), here are a few tips to best present your property.

Keep It Simple


Declutter for maximum impact

Yes, you’ll want to be styling your place towards your target market, however avoid getting too out there as you could always get a buyer you weren’t expecting.

Also, never assume what you like is what everyone else likes too. Your interests and style may be too niche, so do your research and pick up a few interior design magazines from the newsagent to get an idea on what is in trend and is acceptable. Alternatively, check out our interior design tips section.

It is a much better idea to keep things simple and uncluttered than to attempt going with a particular style you can’t nail.

Spick & Span


Be a clean freak

Don’t just ‘clean’ away the clutter, get all that grime and dirt too. Get into all of those nooks and crannies and make sure your property is impeccably clean. If you’re not up to it, outsourcing is your best bet. If you have carpet, without a doubt, get a professional carpet cleaner in. You’ll be amazed at the huge difference it makes.

Freshen It All Up


Let there be light

Want to know a killer combination to a sellable property? A crisp lick of white paint, new light bulbs, invigorating candles, fresh sheets and new throw pillows will all do absolute wonders.

Flowers & Greenery Are Mandatory


Nurture your green thumb

Place fresh flowers and greenery throughout your property for every open inspection and also when your marketing photos are taken.

Fresh flowers and greenery work really well in brightening things up, whilst connecting the inside with nature outside. Don’t go cheap on the flowers, we absolutely do not want to see grocery store Tiger Lilies or Gerberas.

Take some snaps of your place and ask your local florist to help you out with a fitting selection here.

Now, go forth and lay out your best real-estate styling knowledge. We bet even the agent will be impressed. Which could be handy if they’re single too.



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