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Joe Biden Is Ruling The Internet With Hilarious White House Pranks


A bromance like no other

In the real world the Barack Obama-Joe Biden relationship is a bromance like no other. With the Trump presidency gearing up for The White House occupancy, millions of Obama-Biden confidants have teamed together to create a series of memes depicting what the outgoing Vice President of the United States has been scheming in preparation for their departure from office.

The humorous memes were made to send off Obama in a lighthearted way but also manages to take a swipe at Trump’s management style in the most internet-savvy way imaginable – take a professional image, add own caption.

Now who said saying goodbye was hard?


Scroll through the memes below to make your start of week a bit more bearable.


  • Kimberly Eason-sims

    And people wonder why these morons attract so much negative press?

    Maybe it’s because the Leaders of our Nation continually display the character traits of petty and juvenile young boys, rather than seriously putting the GOOD of our Country first and foremost, (you know, ‘We the People’ …the one’s that elected and allowed these men to do the job of representing our needs!) rather than spending precious valuable time playing stupid mind games like arrested developmental children. Their psychopathic narcissism is SCREAMING for all the world to see.

    Seriously??? Grow up and act like men boys, your not in college anymore! Our country is seen wanting, and there’s a gaping hole when it comes to the glaringly obvious lack of good and moral men. The kind of men America needs so desperately! Men with the skills to lead a Nation effectly should ALWAYS LEAD BY EXAMPLE!
    Leaders should be respected by all of the folks who placed them in that coveted position, and the first thing ANY good leader knows is that in order to gain respect, respect must also be given.

    While these petty men are laughing and poking fun at their perceived competition, and merely the way that they speak so callously contemptuous, vile, and quite frankly ill of others, SPEAKS VOLUMES about themselves… Yes indeed, their manipulative behavior says much more about THEMSELVES, than any crass attempt at ‘pretending’ to be funny. Their Subtext, again proves that these men were NEVER FIT LEADERS in the first place. Subpar is what we all witnessed, time and time again.
    They are effectively promoting this type of behavior and almost guaranteeing that it will be repeated. Is this REALLY WHAT OUR COUNTRY NEEDS???
    We get enough moronic humor bombarded at us by a constant stream of Mainstream Media. Why? Why I ask when there are truly serious issues that need to be addressed, not poked fun at, and then call it a day. Many of us patriots have seen the dumbing down of America right before our eyes. It’s incredibly dangerous to have a population more interested in seeing which party got one up on the other rather than being concerned about the REAL ISSUES!

    As a strategy against the perceived competion, you scheming men knew exactly how this behavior would be interpreted. Rather than try to help your country, you choose to purposely off-balance as a first step, someone who you knew fullwell the outcome of said provoked response. Sickening really…

    I’m no Trump fan, but, for the good of the Country, why not at least try to HELP? Rather than hinder. It’s repeating circular nonsense that helps no-one, especially our beloved Country.
    How about a little less fake humor, primarily designed to divide the population and kick into overdrive the cognitive dissonance. It’s gotten old, tired, and where does it get any of us in the long run?

    Maybe the reason we’ve seen no great leaders recently is because we truly haven’t been given much inspiration from the Leaders that we did have.

    I view this as GREAT LOSS OF A PERFECT OPPORTUNITY!!!!!!!!!!
    The greatest loss being wasted time when all eyes were on you both, and choices like these were what transpired. How truly sad, and heartbreaking, especially for those of us really looking for an example of Good Leadership.

    Food for thought.


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