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Hottest Cars From The Los Angeles Auto Show 2016

The Los Angeles Motor Show is in full swing and with that soiree comes a selection of lust worthy vehicles deserving of some serious seat time.

Joining the Californian collective this year is Alfa Romeo with a brand new SUV, Lamborghini with a topless version of their RWD Huracan Spyder, the revival of the Jaguar XKSS and Porsche’s latest track weapon that is sure to cause controversy amongst the Stuttgart purists.

Alfa Romeo Stelvio


Say hello to Giulia’s big brother

The Giulia has barely even made it to local showrooms yet but that hasn’t deterred the Italian marque from surprising crowds at this year’s auto show with their new 2018 Stelvio SUV. There’s a reason that front fascia looks familiar and that has a lot to do with the car’s shared DNA with the aforementioned Giulia – both in performance and aesthetics. The standard trim will receive a 2.0-litre turbo four cylinder straight out of the Giulia whilst the version everyone’s been hoping for will come in a slightly more aggressive fit out.

The Stelvio Quadrifoglio pictured will borrow the Giulia Quadrifoglio’s 2.9-litre twin turbo V6 which will deliver 505hp to all four wheels. FYI: The Giulia Quadrifoglio currently holds the record as the world’s fastest four-door sedan on the Nurburgring. In the Stelvio the engine should see the car hit 100km/h in about 3.9 seconds.

Jaguar I-Pace SUV Concept


Borrowed DNA from the Jaguar C-X75 hypercar

How do you sell an electric car to the masses? Make it look sexy. That was the battle cry of Elon Musk’s Tesla initiative and now Jaguar wants a slice of that same electric pie.

Their answer is the new I-Pace SUV, an all-electric vehicle which can accomplish just over 500km in range and look damn good doing it. The striking design of the I-Pace was inspired by the now defunct C-X75 hypercar and is deemed “production ready” by reps at the show. It will house twin electric motors with one between each wheel making 150kW and 350Nm of torque.

That gives the I-Pace an equivalent torque benchmark to that of an F-Type SVR. Expect to see 0-100km/h time in the electric SUV float around the 4.0 second mark.

Jaguar XKSS


A legend returns

Since we’re talking about Jaguar, here’s another one which sits at the other end of the spectrum – and it only took a good part of 60 years to do it.

The idea is simple: Jaguar promised to build 25 of these exotic machines way back in the 1950s. 16 examples made it out of the line but the remaining 9 were destroyed when a fire took hold of the Browns Lane factory. To finally honour that quota, Jaguar will be building 9 brand new XKSS models for a eye-watering £1 million each. Why is this news? Well because one of the nine is currently sitting in the L.A auto show. A true modern classic returns. And every one has already been spoken for.

Porsche 911 RSR


Stuttgart’s latest track weapon

Stuttgart have unleashed one of their most formidable race cars onto the world and it comes with a new controversial design. Despite retaining the classic 911 body shape with a massive rear wing, the 911 RSR sports a newly designed mid-mounted engine which goes against all 911 convention. Powering the race car is Porsche’s latest 4.0-litre flat six which develops a healthy 510hp. Will it make the rear-mount-rear-engined fanboys complain? Most likely. Will it be fast and a serious threat to its competition? Definitely.

Lamborghini Huracan Spyder RWD


The raging bull goes topless

When we recently jumped behind the wheel of the Huracan LP-580-2, it was apparent that less power didn’t exactly mean less fun. That same formula applies in this particular model from the raging bull which now loses its top in favour of more noise, more exhilaration and more oversteer from dropping the AWD system.

Say hello to the rear-wheel-drive Huracan Spyder, the latest from Lamborghini which sports the proven 5.2-litre naturally-aspirated V10 that sends a decent 580hp to the rear wheels. The 0-100km/h dips slightly when compared to the AWD model but quarter mile times were never the point of this particular version. Throw it through corners and that’s where the smiles will make up for any lost fractions of time.

Aesthetically the car receives revised front air intakes, new 19-inch wheels, rear fins, integrated ducts and removal wind guards.



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