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These Defunct Apple Products Have Become A Work Of Natural Art

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Art and nature have long gone hand in hand but when an Apple is thrown into the equation, it becomes something the fan boys will be proud of. And probably pay big bucks for.

Answering that call is Parisian based artist Christophe Guinet who has been collecting unloved Apple products over the years to be resurrected as green art. It’s a social movement as well as an artistic one with Guinet making a statement by recycling an old Apple product every time the tech giant drops another product.

This raises awareness for all of the waste that big tech companies are creating in pursuit of the most desired and in-trend product. The series is called Plant Your Mac! and includes old school relics like the Macintosh Classic, iMac 63, G5 and more.

Those keen to see where dead technology goes to get a second chance at life can visit Guinet’s work here.


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