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NBA Goes Luxe With The Elder Statesman Label Collaboration

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The NBA is venturing into luxe fashion territory with the latest line coming as a collaboration between Los Angeles label, The Elder Statesman.

And when we say luxe, we mean it. The NBA-sponsored sweaters alone will sell for US$1,600 a piece when they release on November 4 exclusively at Barneys. Twelve other garments will also make up the capsule collection which includes premium scarves, beanies, hats and t-shirts emblazoned with one’s favourite teams. Only the shirt and sweater will come in all 30 team colours.

Attributing to this hefty price tag is The Elder Statesman’s penchant for using materials such as premium cashmere.

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“Given all this, our decision to approach the NBA about collaborating was a no brainer – it required no great insight,” the brand said in a official press statement.

“We very simply knew there was a need because we wanted this product ourselves. And the NBA agreed: whether a given fan is someone who typically buys luxury apparel or not, he or she ought to be able to wear something both elegant and of a quality that reflects their deep passion for the game.”

Those in the NBA industry believe that this collaboration marks a milestone in the sport since it’s the first partnership the sport has had with a luxury clothing brand.

Those keen to get their hands on the garments will need to cough up at least US$590 for a cashmere t-shirt. Prices will start from there before maxing out at the sweater. If you miss out this time, save your coinage – The Elder Statesman have already confirmed a second collaboration with the basketball empire which will be available later through Barneys.


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