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Patek Philippe’s History Revealed In An Official Biography

Watch aficionados around the world know of the reputable Patek Philippe name, but not so much its illustrious 175 year history.

In 2016 that all changes with Nicholas Foulkes’ official Patek Philippe biography, The Authorized Biography, which contains over 500 pages of exclusive documentation from the closed archives which details everything from the watchmaker’s founding owners to the employees who helped make it the iconic brand it is today.

The pages will also feature unique anecdotes from the brand’s past and interviews with the Stern family, owners of Patek Philippe empire. If that’s not enough to add credibility to your coffee table, there’s also an accompanying 40-page watch reference appendix with picture notes and specially commissioned photographs.

“This is the first time that the Patek Philippe archive has been accessed and brought to life in a factual and definitive work,” said Philippe Stern, the Honorary President and father to Patek’s current CEO, Thierry Stern.

Nicholas Foulkes meanwhile is no standard fish out of the sea either. Foulkes has been a contributing editor for Vanity Fair and the Financial Times and holds the author title for over 20 books.

To receive such an unprecedented access to the watchmaker, Foulkes has long specialised in the art and luxury industries and most importantly he’s the current horological consultant for the Patek Philippe magazine.

“The Authorized Biography,” can now be purchased from the Patek Philippe online library for US$225.

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