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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #106

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Men only need a few things in this world to survive. Gadgets, and money to buy said gadgets. Possibly food every now and then too. Welcome to Shut Up & Take My Money, a little weekly wrap up of the world’s coolest technology for the soul. Come with us if you want to blow wads of cash you never had to begin with.

Ortega Mk. 1C Personal Submarine

Still impressing guests with your superyacht in 2016? Get with the times, man. The Ortega Mk. 1C Personal Submarine is one of the stealthiest and coolest offerings of personal submersible crafts you can get your hands on today. The sub is powered by twin high-powered electric motors which helps the craft cruise both above and below water. On-board breathing gear allows the driver to dive in waters of up to 90 metres deep whilst a HUD system beams info onto the canopy for easy navigation. The sub can carry up to three occupants including the driver.

Price: $TBA/BUY


Microsoft Hololens

Forget about the current wave of virtual reality kits. Microsoft are going one better with their AR (augmented reality) headset which merges Google Glass and holographic capabilities with the real world. In other words, instead of creating an entire VR world which bars the real world, wearers can see projections of objects in the real world via transparent lenses. Much like Tom Cruise in Minority Report, the holograms can track the wearer’s vision, meaning images are always half a metre from a user’s vision. Alternatively, the objects can be stationery, allowing wearers to move around the subject. The portable device can also run apps, browse the web and be controlled via voice or hand motions.

Price: $3,000/BUY

Hyde Integrated Lighting

Not all interior lighting is created equal. Danny Venlet of KOVR came up with the Hyde innovative lighting system. It uses LEDs embedded into a 12mm thick panel which is made to look like wood or other types of material. The panel is then inserted into the wall for a seamless look which lights up when you need it to. Sexy? You bet. You can choose from a range of panel sizes and surfaces to suit any bachelor pad including raw concrete, white marble and yellow pine. Light intensity can also be adjusted via smartphone in order to get the right ambience.

Price: $TBC/BUY

Samsung Gear S3

Samsung have unveiled their updated device to take on the smart watch segment with the Gear S3. The latest kit is a lot more intuitive than its predecessor and looks even more like a classic Swiss watch (Classic model) with its working bezel/selector and 46mm stainless steel case which now adds a water resistance for up to 30 minutes in 1.5 metres of water. Functions of the S3 includes the option to answer calls, read and reply messages and access apps. There’s also an extensive range of bands to choose from including leather and rubber whilst Samsung have made it easy for users to use their own bands (such as nato strap) with their universal fastening mechanism. The Frontier S3 is the sportier offering which comes with a rubber strap.

Price: $599/BUY


Iron Man Art Print Poster

Get fancy with your comics with this epic Ironman water colour print which reimagines Tony Stark in abstract form. It’s beautifully finished blotches come together to form the hero in mid flight and is guaranteed to have your equally comic-obsessed friends talking.

Price: $15/BUY

Alfa Romeo Tipo B P3

Easily one of the most expensive pieces of kit to ever be featured here is a car. But it’s not just any old car. This is one of Alfa Romeo’s most significant pre-war Grand Prix cars which will be going under the hammer in February, a first in a decade.The Tipo B P3 hails from 1934 and is number two of nine cars ever produced. The car features Ferrari graphics since it was raced by the Scuderia Ferrari team after Alfa had crashed after the Great Depression. This particular model is one of the world’s finest examples and comes with full documentation. It comes with a price tag to match.

Price: €3,600,000–€4,600,000/BUY


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