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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #103

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1 of 6|Seataci Concept Yacht
2 of 6|Flash Torch
3 of 6|Auxillite iPhone 7 Jack
4 of 6|Tesla Solar Roof
5 of 6|Killspencer Baseball Glove
6 of 6|Under Armour HealthBox

Forget about putting money on a couple of horses. This week we’re bringing you the coolest gadgets and objects of male affection that wads of stolen cash can buy. Cash out, cool stuff in.

#1 Seataci Concept Yacht

Outlandish industrial designer Charles Bombardier is at it again with his concept yacht renderings and this one may take the mantle as the craziest one yet. The Seataci Concept Yacht uses a ballast system which can submerge the lower half of the yacht further than most conventional designs. The result is a stunning underwater view as the craft powers through the seas with a new type of propulsion system which ditched the propeller for an oscillating foil which mimics a whale’s tail. There’s also on-board villas and a main deck featuring tropical gardens and a pool for the ultimate in luxury cruising.

Price: $TBA/BUY


#2 FlashTorch

Stop your scrolling. FlashTorch is not your standard torch. Made by a group of geniuses called Wicked Lasers (cool name right?), the FlashTorch emits such an intense light ray that it can start a fire – perfect for emergencies. The way the torch works is via an intuitive lens reflector which focuses all 2300 Lumens onto a single point, allowing heat to be created very rapidly when held close to the face. To harness this power the torch is housed in military-spec aluminium and a lithium-ion battery which can power three levels of brightness. Time to fry some bacon and eggs.

Price: $200/BUY

#3 Auxillite iPhone 7 Jack

Those raving on about the loss of their earphone jack in their flashy new iPhone 7 need no longer worry. Auxillite has come to the rescue with a simple single adapter which takes the lightning port on the new phone and splits it into a 3.5mm audio jack on one side and an additional Lightning Jack on the other – that means you can now charge your phone whilst listening to music – a feature which Apple sneakily took away. The handy aluminium unit also has an LED indicator and an external DAC so the user will know what devices are plugged in.

Price: $9

#4 Tesla Solar Roof

Tesla is moving into your home whether you like it or not. The Tesla Solar Roof is looking to become the Uber of solar roofing by reimagining solar panels for the home in a svelte and discreet package. Hidden in beneath a coloured film to match the home’s roof, the Tesla Solar Roof can be mated to the same company’s Powerwall 2 battery in order to save money on power bills. The panels come in tuscan, slate, textured, or smooth.

Price: $TBC

#5 Killspencer Baseball Glove

Elevate your baseball game to a slick new level with Killspencer’s latest take on the classic baseball glove. Much like the brand’s other luxe sports pieces, the baseball glove receives black full-grain leather with bullhide accents and black sheepskin interior lining. Killspencer is even allowing customers to get their glove monogrammed with up to eight characters with hand stitching.


Price: $1,350/BUY

#6 Under Armour HealthBox

Under Armour are moving deeper into the connected fitness segment with their latest offering in the UA Healthbox, an all-in-one fitness system which has been designed with the help of smartphone maker, HTC. The package comprises of three components – a UA Band to track steps, distance, resting heart rate and sleep, the UA Scale to help you manage your gains and measure body fat, and a UA Heart Rate unit which is a compact heart rate monitor that features an innovative micro snap.

Price: $399/BUY


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