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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #104

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1 of 6|Sinister Electric Cafe Racer Concept
2 of 6|Black Bowmore 50 Year Old Whisky
3 of 6|Tinnie 10 Boat
4 of 6|Holmes Vaporizer Pipe
5 of 6|Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator
6 of 6|54 Facts

If you like your tech with a side of class and a big price tag then you’re in the right place this week. Shut Up & Take My Money is going shades of grey with a cool collection of toys ranging from a concept electric bike to a $20,000 bottle of whisky. It’s time to open up those bank accounts you poor Magnificent Bastard.

#1 Sinister Electric Cafe Racer Concept

If Mad Max was a movie about classy gents then this would be the hero bike. The Sinister is a perfect balance of cafe racer design with green credentials. The designer behind the tough looking bike is Michael Cohen, an industrial designer and digital illustrator. It’s only in rendering form for now but given its distinct looks, it shouldn’t take long for someone to replicate it on a civilian bike. Much like the Lotus TRON bike we showed you guys earlier. Start saving.

Price: $TBA/BUY


#2 Black Bowmore 50 Year Old Whisky

Liquid gold is what some call oil. Well now the same can be applied to Black Bowmore’s top shelf 50 year old whiskey. The good stuff has been slowly trickling out to the market since 1993 and was first distilled in 1964 making this particular bottle one of the last few from the highly coveted dram. For the final release, only 159 bottles will be made available around the world and will come with its own Scottish oak box.

Price: $19,600/BUY

#3 Tinnie 10 Boat

As you can probably already tell this is not your usual tinnie boat. Tinnie 10 Boat throws all convention out the window and instead uses a triangular design lined with white oak for the ultra luxe feel. The hull itself is made from lightweight aluminium to keep weight low and can hold two adults on the Xorel-upholstered seat. Sailors can choose between either a 6hp petrol motor or an electric motor. If the colour scheme looks familiar, that’s because these were the same guys behind the snow cafe racer known as Snoped.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#4 Holmes Vaporiser Pipe

Sherlock Holmes wouldn’t solve any crimes if he had this futuristic vaporiser pipe to kick back to. The pip which doesn’t look out of place in a Dyson catalogue was made to celebrate Peterson of Dublin’s 150th anniversary whilst giving nod to its Sherlock Holmes tobacco pipe line. The vape device has an LED which automatically lights orange when you take a puff and there’s buttons to control the flavour intensity. The real kicker though? It has wireless charging. Take that, Apple.

Price: $TBC/BUY

#5 Aervana One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator

Aerate your prized wine like a pro with Aervana’s cool looking wine aerating tool. Besides keeping your drop in optimum condition, the Aervana also doubles as a wine tap which can be used to pour the aerated wine.

Price: $100/BUY


#6 54 Facts

Shock your guests with the perfect coffee table book which outlines the untold truths of the world. It’s factual, it’s funny but most importantly it’s a breeze to read. No seriously, it has one sentence per page. That’s 54 pages of facts for all you geniuses out there. It also looks minimalist enough to suit any man’s bachelor pad.

Price: $19/BUY


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