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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #105

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1 of 6|Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike
2 of 6|Bentley x NAIM Mu-so
3 of 6|UGEARS Wooden Safe Kit
4 of 6|Aston Martin 2016 World Endurance Championship Badges
5 of 6|CB2 Stacked Decanter
6 of 6|Sunflower Drone Security System

Forget about your real world friends. The coolest tech and gadgets is all a man will ever need to walk this Earth. In this week’s case, one can ride this Earth on a cool electric bike whilst kicking back to tunes via a Bentley home theatre system. We’re back taking your monies.

#1 Noordung Angel Edition Electric Bike

It’s electric bike season and this week we’ve got another sweet one for you guys. This particular bike is special as the battery doesn’t just power the pedals but also a series of USB ports and a Bluetooth speaker embedded in the faux fuel tank. The unti is removable from the bike’s frame and can be carried around with a leather strap. Those worried about the ride quality can rest assure that it’s on par with some of the best out there with its carbon fibre frame, Brooks saddle, Shimano gearing and disc brakes front and rear. Sound like your kind of ride? Better move fast as there’ll only be 15 examples made worldwide.

Price: $8,700/BUY


#2 Bentley x NAIM Mu-so

The NAIM moniker has been the audio system of choice for Bentley cars in recent times and now the car manufacturer is looking to return the favour with a special edition Bentley sound sytem for the home. The Mu-so and Mu-so qb units feature wooden cabinets housed in anodised aluminium paired with tuning knobs styraight from Bentley’s interior parts bin. The case itself is inspired by the grille of the latest Bentayga SUV whilst the speaker grille is finished in a signature Bentley Portland colourway.

Price: $1,108/BUY

#3 UGEARS Wooden Safe Kit

One of the most pointless and awesome gadgets of the year has to be this intricate safe…made from wood. Besides providing zero security for your prized possessions, the Ugears plywood safe is absolutely stunning to look at when operating like the real thing. The kit comes in 179 pieces and features a working combination lock when complete.

Price: $50/BUY

#4 Aston Martin 2016 World Endurance Championship Badges

Speaking of pointless and awesome, check out these Aston Martin badges. The nine badges don’t do anything but they are meticulously crafted by Aston Martin craftsman and come at a grand total of $6,200 a set. Only 250 hand-painted sets will be made to celebrate Aston Martin’s entry into the 2016 World Endurance Championship with each colour representing a track.

Price: $6,200/BUY

#5 CB2 Stacked Decanter

Take your drinking to the next level without becoming an alcoholic. The CB2 set combines various elements to become a home bar, with glasses and cups doubling as storage and a stackable decanter. What’s even better? It’ll look damn cool just about anywhere in the house or office.


Price: $30/BUY

#6 Sunflower Drone Security System

If you take home security seriously then the Sunflower Drone Security system is a big tick in your books. Rather than using stationary surveillance camera systems, the Sunflower uses sensor-packed garden lights which can detect motion and vibration in 360 degrees. If desired, the system can light up and give off warning sounds. There’s even an accompanying camera drone which can capture footage from the scene whilst the occupants remain safely locked up indoors.

Price: $TBA/BUY


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