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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #107

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1 of 6|Acton Blink Qu4tro
2 of 6|Visionary Mirrored TV Cabinet
3 of 6|District Vision Nagata Running Glasses
4 of 6|Globe-Trotter Spitfire Luggage
5 of 6|Racing Heroes Model Cars
6 of 6|Bamford Watch Department x Bentley Mulsanne

It’s almost Christmas time so that means selling all of your kids toys to buy the cool stuff you really want in life. This is Shut Up & Take My money, a place where your manly dreams of tech and gadgets come to life. Not those kind of dreams.

Acton Blink Qu4tro

Forego the human powered skateboard for something powered which will cost less than those fancy hoverboards. The Action Blinnk Qu4tro consists of 4 wheel hub motors joined to a carbon alluminium frame. It’s good for up to 37km/h and a range of 35km.


Price: $550/BUY

Visionary Mirrored TV Cabinet

We’ve already shown you the Google backed mirror concept and now someone has gone out and built one that’s eerily similar. This particular cabinet features a 15.4 inch LED HDTV with integrated audio, defogger and a mirrored interior. In other words you can absolutely keep up to date with the outside world whilst you shower, get dressed or are just catering to grooming duties. There’s a power button which controls the essentials like lights and a defogger.

Price: $6,690/BUY

District Vision Nagata Running Glasses

High fashion meets high performance in District Vision’s dedicated running sunglasses. The idea is simple: resist sweat, enhance vision, block out nasty UV rays and look cool whilst doing it. The aviation style design make it even more appealing whilst the frame is made from polycarbonate which is good for impact resistance, resisting scratches and waterproofing. There’s even a hypoallergenic nose pad which moulds to your nose shape to supply better stability. They weigh just 22 grams to keep you light headed.

Price: $249/BUY

Globe-Trotter Spitfire Luggage

Not all carry-on is born equal and joining that league is Globe-Trotter’s latest Spitfire Luggage. In celebration of the 80 years since the first Supermarine Spitfire took to the skies, Globe-Trotter have decked out their most popular luggage in desert camouflage as worn by the planes of the warring times. The quality isn’t too shabby either with handcrafting completely taken care of in Hertfordshire using vulcanised fibreboard and chrome-plated accents. Pundits can choose from 14 to 20 to 30 inch cases.

Price: $1,100+/BUY

Racing Heroes Model Cars

A new boutique online store is raising the bar for premium model cars and just in time for Christmas too. Every model is assembled by hand with over 1,500 parts using premium materials which help to mimic the real car’s dimensions and features. The company deals primarily with vintage cars that have their own milestones in motoring history.


Price: $220+/BUY

Bamford Watch Department x Bentley Mulsanne

Another motor vehicle has made it into this week’s edition of tech and cool stuff purely because of its association. Bamford Watch Department are the culprits who have ditched their custom luxury watch service for something a little bigger – a Bentley Mulsanne by Bentley’s Mulliner division. The blacked-out vehicle sports some unique hallmarks of Bamford design with an all black interior paired with Bamford’s signature strikes of blue on the doors and seats. The real Bamford touch though isn’t in the colour. Pop the rear compartment and you’ll find a champagne cooler replaced with a carbon fibre watch roll.

Price: $TBC/BUY


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