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Style Essentials For A Weekend Away In The Country

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City slicker, what? Nowadays, most gents work in the city, and some even live in the concrete jungle, too (goodbye, one-hour commutes and great podcasts). Or at least in some kind of urban, built up environment. Which is why a country getaway for the weekend is not only essential for your health (fresh air aplenty), it’s the perfect excuse to whip out those comfort clothes, and dress like a farmer.

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But before visions of a soiled flanno, ratty jeans and hole-y boots terrorise your urban mind, an escape to the country doesn’t have to see you disembark into no-style land.

Yes, we’re talking heritage tweeds, plaids and worker denim, as well as more modernised versions of conventional cowboy-esque items — the Chelsea boot and wide-brim hat both obviously harnessed this season. But men’s fashion staples — neat sneakers, a cotton tee and even your favourite cashmere sweater — aren’t amiss in the wilderness.

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Combining both the practical and perennial is what country style is about. Above all, take it easy on tailoring and dress shoes. There’s too much mud and grass (and who knows what) out there to step in. Oh, crap.


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