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T3 Architecture Designs The Perfect Masculine Duplex Home

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We don’t normally do duplexes but when we do we make damn good sure it’s worth your time. Welcome to one of the finest duplexes in Marseille, France, a cool residential project freshly completed by T3 Architecture in 2016.

The home spans two levels and features some finely appointed modern touches such as a floating stairwell and shades of monochrome offset by natural timber hues. It’s an odd mix which is neither classic nor overly modern, rather a fine balance between the two which just works.

The semi-industrial space is further enhanced by cool lighting features and a solid cement wall which extends from the first floor to the second floor.

A glass panel floor upstairs allows inhabitants to enjoy a feeling of floating on air as they ascend the stairs. Once upstairs you’ll be greeted with a small but very modern bathtub which borrows pointers from a German design handbook.

Not over the top, not too dull. This is a family home with character any man can grow into.


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