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Burberry’s New Film Trailer Traces The Brand’s Illustrious History

There’s more to the Burberry name than most would ever know. The luxury English fashion house was founded by Thomas Burberry, a man credited for inventing the Gabardine fabric in 1897 which is today used in suits, coats and trousers.

Burberry’s achievements didn’t come without sacrifice though and for their latest holiday campaign, the label took a different approach by enlisting the help of Hollywood heavyweights to portray their founder’s dramatic rise to prominence in The Tale of Thomas Burberry.

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At the helm directing is Asif Kapadia alongside Domhnall Gleeson of Ex Machina, Sienna Miller, Dominic West of The Wire and Lily Jame who all play a part in turning a fashion story into one that people would actually go to theatres to watch. The three-minute film trailer highlights defining moments in the Burberry name from the early experimentation of fabrics to the personal effects of WWI on a young Thomas Burberry – an event that would eventually shape the company’s future.

Watch the trailer above that was shot in Shirburn Castle in Oxfordshire and also manages to make Downton Abbey look like a tacky afternoon soap opera.


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