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‘Airbnb Of Packing’ Lets You Borrow A Suitcase Full Of Clothing


Travel more, lug less

The internet is full of advice for packing light – including our own – but no one’s nailed a lighter suitcase than unPack, a new startup that promises travel with no packing at all.

unPack makes jetsetting easier by delivering a curated suitcase directly to your hotel, so you can travel lighter, avoid the checked bag, and bring more of what you really want. You may even discover a new label or product you love.

Think of it as Trunk Club for travellers, or the real-life version of Rent-a-Swag from Parks and Recreation.

Company co-founders Aaron Liskov and Andrew Zahornacky know that personal style is important, even when you’re on the road, so unPack members start by filling out an online profile about clothing sizes and preferred fits, as well as favourite designers. Then, when it it’s time to plan a no-baggage trip, users give the site an outline of their travel plans, adding details like destination, planned activities, and whether it’s for work or pleasure.

Armed with that knowledge, unPack customises a suitcase of gently-worn clothing (plus toiletries, if you need them) and sends it to your accommodations. Just drop the bag at the front desk when it’s time to leave and head back to the airport, totally luggage-free. Here’s the company’s quick explainer video:

If the concept sounds familiar, you may recognise Liskov and Zahornacky from their appearance on Shark Tank back in October. They didn’t score the $500,000 they were hoping for, but they’ve pushed ahead with their startup plans anyway. unPack is currently available in New York City, with plans to expand to Boston, Philadelphia, Miami, San Francisco, and Washington, D.C. in the near future.


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