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World’s First Wooden Soccer Stadium Has Received The Green Light

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The formula for making a soccer stadium grand has always been formulaic. Bring the pitch, bring the fans, bring the football stars. The precedence for one of the season’s greatest games is set.

Well, not quite. Zaha Hadid Architects are one of the world’s most renowned infrastructure design groups and they’re looking to add one more variable to that equation – wood.

Using nothing but nuts, bolts and the organic fibres of timber, the British design firm plans to erect the world first stadium for the British football club’s Forest Green Rovers.

Aesthetics will only get punters so far though so Zaha Hadid made sure that the internal structure of the space was just as inspiring as the external lines. As a result the completed stadium will hold up to 5,000 people and be powered by sustainable energy.

“The importance of using wood is not only that it’s a naturally occurring material, it has very low carbon content – about as low as it gets for a building material,” said Forest Green Rovers chairman Dale Vince.

“Our new stadium will have the lowest carbon content of any stadium in the world. This really will be the greenest football stadium in the world.”

All they’ll need once it’s complete is a Tesla sponsorship and a an entire Supercharger network.



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