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Cool Coffee Table Books That Will Elevate Your Man Cave

A good book is man’s best friend. This is especially the case at festive season when the dog is suffering a Christmas food coma and you’ve exceeded your yearly quota of family time in two days.

Now you can attack Moby Dick’s 1,946 pages, or you can go for something with a little more substance that will feed the soul and have your guests gushing with intrigue.

We know which we’d choose. With your living quarter interior design sorted, it’s time to polish things off with a final touch of Magnificent Bastardry. These are the nine most captivating coffee table books that will elevate any man cave’s visual appeal.

The Dogist


So we’ve found something to replace your food-coma dog. The Dogist is a New York Time’s bestseller and is a beautiful, funny and inspiring look at man’s best friend in 1,000 photographic captures. The collection of photos are taken by Elias Weiss Friedman with each image coming with a short story which details the the dog’s distinct character and spirit. A must for any dog lover – which is just about everyone.

BUY $20

The Impossible Collection Of Motorcycles


Motorcycles can be a dividing topic amongst riders who can opt for anything from cafe racers to all out race bikes. One can’t deny the most defining era of the motorcycle though and that’s exactly what Assouline’s beautifully presented book does. Celebrating the very first motorcycles that became an icon in modern history, the book features 172 pages of bikes from the 1948 Vincent Series Rapide to Evel Knievel’s Harley. A great history lesson in iconic two-wheelers.

BUY $2,898



What better way to prep for summer than by flicking through the striking images of Phillippe Cousteau Muller’s newest work, Sharks. The book is a stylish presentation of the world’s most feared killer in the seas and will have any guest glued to the animal’s ominous beauty. No guarantee it won’t scare you from ever setting foot on the beach.

BUY $51

Red Bull Illume


You’ve seen the epic video clips which leave your palms sweaty and your adrenaline pumping. Now you can have all of that in limited edition paperback form. Illume is a collection of 2016’s finalists of Red Bull’s Illume competition. It features insanely breathtaking photographs paired with short stories detailing the shot. Only 5,000 copies of the numbered book will be made so move quickly.

BUY $59

Star Wars: The Blueprints


Take a nerd’s approach to the Star Wars universe with this 5,000 copy limited edition coffee book that takes readers behind the scenes of the films’ most iconic spacecraft. They’re all original designs and faithfully showcases the effort Lucas Films put into every design.

BUY $380

Hiroshi Fujiwara: Fragment


His name is often emblazoned alongside some of the finest fashion brands in history like LV and Nike, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that this Japanese designer and the “Godfather of streetwear” has his own book. Fragment details Fujiwara’s influences on contemporary fashion and music and looks at his rise as one of the founding fathers of Tokyo’s Harajuku scene. A must read for any streetwear aficionado.

BUY $55

The Impossible Collection Of Wine


Think you know your history of wine? Test your palate with Assouline’s latest wine publication detailing the most exceptional wine of the twentieth century by Enrico Bernardo, the world’s best sommelier. From 1928 Krug Collection Champagne through to Australia’s 1951 Penfolds Grange Bin 95, this fine coffee book is as much a visual journey as it is an educational one.

BUY $845

Hunting: Legendary Rifles


It’s pretty straight-forward but it will be hard to put down. Whether you’re an advocate of hunting or not, one can’t deny the beauty of these weapons of destruction. Assouline again brings us a beautifully presented look at an age old tradition with details of vintage rifles and the anecdotes that made them an icon.

BUY $85

American Fashion Menswear


America is known for their pioneering ways and this can certainly be said for their eclectic fashion scene. American Fashion Menswear is a detailed look at the trendsetters from Levi Strauss, the Ivy League, Frank Sinatra and yes, even Kanye West. Foreword by Ralph Lauren makes this one a must-read.

BUY $75



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