Loaf About In These Epic Man-Loafing Loafers

If there’s one shoe you should be investing in this season, it’s the loafer. A high and low roller, the loafer sits pretty between dress shoe and leather low-cut sneaker, making its formal-cum-casual versatility hard to beat.

Yet, not all loafers are created equal. There’s the classic penny, the chic tassel and the casual driver — meaning there’s a loafer for every man’s taste; peacock or the more practical.

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High-end loafers are being crafted in various leathers — pebble-grain and suede — and in classic colourways (black, tan or oxblood). And, there’s the statement loafers — think jewel tones, pastels and even embroidered motifs — which are an excellent choice for jazzing up a black tuxedo come party season. Or simple khaki chinos and a white tee for a romp on the weekend.

Can’t decide what loafer to loaf around in? Go with a natural leather penny or tassel, first. Then, get adventurous: shoes are the perfect way to inject boldness into an outfit. And a loafer’s laceless yet louche design makes it the ideal foot mate this summer; shorts or suits.

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