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Great Escape: The Best Travel Instagrams Of The Week [14.12.16]

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1 of 20|The Karakoram, Pakistan| - FOLLOW
2 of 20|Capilano Suspension Bridge Park, North Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada| | By @braedin - FOLLOW
3 of 20|Hong Kong| | By @channington - FOLLOW
4 of 20|Rangiroa, French Polynesia| - FOLLOW
5 of 20|Hillsboro, Oregon, USA| | By @braybraywoowoo - FOLLOW
6 of 20|Loch Achtriochtan, Glencoe, Scotland| - FOLLOW
7 of 20|Floridan Aquifer, USA| | By @waterlust - FOLLOW
8 of 20|Bassas da India, Mozambique Channel, Indian Ocean| | By @thomaspeschak - FOLLOW
9 of 20|Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA| | By @heyengel - FOLLOW
10 of 20|Dubai, United Arab Emirates| - FOLLOW
11 of 20|South Pacific| | By @pedromcbride - FOLLOW
12 of 20|Tegenungan Waterfall, Bali| - FOLLOW
13 of 20|Los Angeles, California, USA| - FOLLOW
14 of 20|Interlaken, Switzerland| | By @dshukin - FOLLOW
15 of 20|Lago Ritom, Switzerland| - FOLLOW
16 of 20|Golden Ears, British Columbia, Canada| - FOLLOW
17 of 20|Ibiza, Spain| | By @tomjauncey - FOLLOW
18 of 20|Loch Ard Gorge, Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia| - FOLLOW
19 of 20|London, England, United Kingdom| - FOLLOW
20 of 20|Aitutaki, Cook Islands| - FOLLOW

Wanderlust is in the air and we’re itching to explore somewhere new. While this week’s best travel Instagrams include a few perennial favourites – London, Dubai, Bali, San Francisco – we’re also featuring a few rarer destinations.

Matthieu Paley kicks things off with The Karakoram, a vast mountain range spanning the borders of Afghanistan, China, India, Pakistan, and Tajikistan. He says it was “a constant and steep up climb” up to his open-air camp site, but the challenging trek was “worth every step.”

In Hillsboroo, Oregon, Braydon Hall reveals an unexpected sight: a 727 airplane grounded in the forest. Even more surprising is its current purpose. The jetliner isn’t a crash; it’s been lovingly converted into a residence by an enterprising homesteader. Take a video tour of the unusual domicile here.

It was a big week for sharks on Instagram. Travis Burke headed to Rangiroa, French Polynesia, with two fellow Instagrammers to visit with the cartilaginous creatures in one of the largest atolls in the world. Thomas Peschak also hit up shark territory in Bassas da India, a remote atoll sandwiched between Mozambique and Madagascar. He describes it as “one of the sharkiest places in the Indian Ocean.”

Maybe count us out for swimming, then.


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