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Great Escape: The Best Travel Instagrams Of The Week [21.12.16]

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1 of 20|Parco Naturale Adamello Brenta, Trentino, Italy| | By @brahmino - FOLLOW
2 of 20|Mount Fuji, Japan| - FOLLOW
3 of 20|Santorini, Greece| - FOLLOW
4 of 20|The Fang, Vail, Colorado, USA| - FOLLOW
5 of 20|Inland Sea, Qatar| - FOLLOW
6 of 20|Joshua Tree, California, USA| - FOLLOW
7 of 20|Armenia| | By @johnstanmeyer - FOLLOW
8 of 20|Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park, British Columbia, Canada| - FOLLOW
9 of 20|Istanbul, Turkey| | By @estherjulee - FOLLOW
10 of 20|Bergen, Norway| - FOLLOW
11 of 20|Lindis Pass, New Zealand| - FOLLOW
12 of 20|Mammoth Lakes, California, USA| | By @mikemaholias - FOLLOW
13 of 20|Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay, Singapore| | By @phototravelnomads - FOLLOW
14 of 20|Uckermark, Germany| | By @bokehm0n - FOLLOW
15 of 20|Bowman Lake Campground, Oxford, New York, USA| - FOLLOW
16 of 20|Mākaha, Hawaii, USA| | By @CristinaMittermeier - FOLLOW
17 of 20|Ko Tao, Thailand| | By - FOLLOW
18 of 20|Rome, Italy| - FOLLOW
19 of 20|Pemberville, Ohio, USA| | By @littlecoal - FOLLOW
20 of 20|Mayan Riviera, Mexico| | By @ladzinski - FOLLOW

Just a few days remain before the holidays are in full force, and many of us are faced with the task of fielding excessive family attention with our sanity intact. There will, at some especially dire point, be a moment when you wish you could teleport to a private island.

While we can’t actually beam you up, we can do the next best thing: help you escape to blissful, far-flung locales via travel Instagrams. Our favourites this week include a motorcycle adventure in Italy, a soothing dip in Santorini, and the perfect peace of a lakeside campfire in California.

For a truly liberated getaway, the road less travelled is the only path to walk. Eric Ward found solitude at a quaint home in Pemberville, Ohio. Spencer Millsap found it on a starry night in a New York forest. John Stanmeyer’s subject in Armenia found it amongst his flock of sheep. Most daring of all is Garrison Rowland, who carved out his bit of seclusion on a slackline over the desert in Joshua Tree National Park.

That’s not to say more populated areas don’t have their own allure. German Instagrammer @phototravelnomads visited Singapore’s famous Marina Bay for a stunning view atop the Singapore Flyer. Sören Bartosch captured a twice-as-nice shot of Rome after a rainfall. The Oyster reminded us why dreamy Koh Tao is one of Thailand’s most popular destinations.

When you’re feeling the holiday stress, take a deep breath, have a stiff drink, and picture yourself unwinding in one of these enchanting places.


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