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Wide Brim Hats For The Rolly Smoking Hipster

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1 of 10|Nick Fouquet|Beaver felt hat - $2,180 - BUY
2 of 10|Etudes Studio|Green leather and wool felt wide brim hat - $300 - BUY
3 of 10|Asos|Camel pork pie hat - $40 - BUY
4 of 10|Bailey of Hollywood|Fernley straw fedora - $117 - BUY
5 of 10|Larose|Paris zip pin fedora - $300 - BUY
6 of 10|Fallenbrokenstreet|Dingo grey hat - $99 - BUY
7 of 10|Gucci|Rabbit hair hat - $500 - BUY
8 of 10|Barbisio|Wide brim paper fedora - $145 - BUY
9 of 10|Arvust|Bodhi wide brim straw - $50 - BUY
10 of 10|Brixton|Thorpe fedora hat - $127 - BUY

Hipsters. The fashion-victims sure know how to take a trend, and flog it for all its worth. But, as a subcultural collective, hipsters also know how to wear a good wide brim hat.

From Bondi to Brixton, San Fran to Le Marais, the felt or wool (or even rabbit fur) wide brim hat is the hipster’s crown that flanks his man-bunned head. Only to be rivalled by a pair of round-lensed John Lennon shades and a bushy beard that’s bordering on pubic.

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Taking the wide brim back from the hipster — and just in time for summer — the plush hat isn’t just for indie gigs or a festival in Byron. Because, eschewing the hipster-vibe is in how you recruit the rest of your outfit.

Try pairing a luxe felt fedora with smart two-piece suit and shirt for smart-ish nights out. Or simpler still, with a pair of denim cut-off shorts and a club collar, for a fresh summer day vibe.

Remember to make the wide brim hat your statement piece in any given outfit; lifting you into stylish, not try-hard, territory. Think ‘Cuban cigar’ for smart events, and ‘rolly smoking’ when chilled. Light it up.




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