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These Are Better Than Your Average Black Tie Accessories

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1 of 11|Rolex|Oyster Perpetual - LINK
2 of 11|Tom Ford|Soft square frame glasses - $370 - LINK
3 of 11|Neiman Marcus|Velvet black bow tie - $175 - LINK
4 of 11|Paul Smith|Bug cufflinks - $125 - LINK
5 of 11|Montblanc|Fountain pen - $800 - LINK
6 of 11|Philipp Plein|Leather cardholder - $300 - LINK
7 of 11|Giuseppe Zanotti|Shark tooth slipper - $900 - LINK
8 of 11|Dolce & Gabbana|Beaded bee chain pin - $500 - LINK
9 of 11|Marwood|Cotton-lace pocket square - $92 - LINK
10 of 11|Nialaya Jewellery|Signet Ring - $340 - LINK
11 of 11|Alexander McQueen|Socks - $60 - LINK

A black tie event (and the dress code it endures) leaves little to the imagination when putting an outfit together. Cause, black tie’s beauty is in the ‘simple’: a black tux with matching bow tie and shoes, and then there’s that sharp-collared, crisp white shirt; making up the monochrome magic for a dapper look at your next dinner party or formal event.

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But, in today’s bend-the-rules world, your accessories get to take on a bold creative licence, as they inject charm into a boring dinner jacket or patent leather Oxford. And, while less is certainly still more in the style department, here are ten essential accessories for your next black tie event.

And, each are a step up from your average leather dress shoes, stuffy cufflinks or posh pocket square. Especially if you’re ready to release your inner animal: bug cuffs, a snake pen and shark tooth tassel slippers invading your tux. Oh, and there’s a giant beaded bee that looks to have swallowed your typical flower lapel pin, whole.




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