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Hottest Interior Design Trends Set To Rule 2017

Just like the new year fuels us with the fire and gusto to let go of broken hearts and bad mistakes, it also gives everyone the opportunity to let go of ageing design trends, particularly those that have become over-saturated.

Our most design conscious peers have already bid farewell to marble, brass, fiddle leaf trees and succulents early on in 2016 and now it’s finally time for the rest of us to say ta-ta.

2017 is the year of the digital detox. The more high-tech we get, the more we crave spaces at home that neutralise and soften us down, rather than wire us up.

As technological influences and the presence of social media reigned supreme this year, we will also see a strong reaction within interior trends later down the track.

Embrace The Green State


Green with envy

Informed by the colour specialists Pantone, 2017 will see the year coinciding with the rise of green – in particular, a Pantone colour by the name of “Kale”. For those playing at home, green is associated with growth, harmony and safety.

The addition of green into our homes is thus pushed by the desire to see something fresh and give us a closer connection to nature. Be daring with this colour and look to apply it in artworks, foliage, and soft furnishings. Vertical gardens are prime example of this merger of art and greenery.

Authenticity Reigns


Nothing but the real deal

Materials, finishes, and objects will be driven by authenticity. A honed, hand-crafted and textural approach will see the introduction and spread of terracotta, muted coloured porcelain and natural fibres.

Extra value is placed on individual and handcrafted pieces, which often result in a more pared back and simplified look. This also provides us with the mental and physical space to breathe.

We suggest you explore the collections of local ceramic artists and have some custom natural fibre rugs made for your home with the guys down at International Floor Coverings Australia (they always do a top job).

Enter The Plot Twist


Keep them guessing

With globalisation, what haven’t we already seen in the world of interior design? And with the influence of more entrepreneurs popping up now than ever, we’ve become pretty used to putting new ideas out on the table. And there’s our issue – nothing really surprises us these days.

These two situations have turned us into very harsh critics who expect more, but controversially also less all at the same time.

When it comes to interiors, not only do we love the idea of escaping (i.e. the increased trend in weekend man-vans), but it also brings up the notion of facing society head on – just differently.

Tying in with our focus on authenticity, we will see people re-creating the same type of things with major plot twists. Rather than installing a marble bench top, the use of unique, unseen and individual types of stone will take centre stage.

This same theory can almost be applied to all current interior trends. From over-used Scandinavian blonde timber, we can expect to employ darker and more individual stains of timber. It’s all about showing off something that everyone in your tribe enquires about.



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