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Inside The Coolest Offices Of 2016

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1 of 29|22squared|Tampa, Florida, USA - LINK
2 of 29|ABB|Moscow, Russia - LINK
3 of 29|Achieve Internet|San Diego, California, USA - LINK
4 of 29|Ancestry|Lehi, Utah, USA - LINK
5 of 29||Casablanca, Morocco - LINK
6 of 29|Bakr|Dubai, UAE - LINK
7 of 29|Criteo|New York City, New York, USA - LINK
8 of 29|Currency Cloud|London, England, UK - LINK
9 of 29|Fintech|London, England, UK - LINK
10 of 29|Gyro|New York City, New York, USA - LINK
11 of 29|HelloFresh|London, England, UK - LINK
12 of 29|Indeed|New York City, New York, USA - LINK
13 of 29|Intrepid Travel|London, England, UK - LINK
14 of 29|Jimdo|Hamburg, Germany - LINK
15 of 29|Karma|New York City, New York, USA - LINK
16 of 29|LGM|Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada - LINK
17 of 29|LogMeIn|Boston, Massachusetts, USA - LINK
18 of 29|McCann|Toronto, Ontario, Canada - LINK
19 of 29|Merkle / Periscopix|London, England, UK - LINK
20 of 29|MOBI|Indianapolis, Indiana, USA - LINK
21 of 29|Moose Toys|Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia - LINK
22 of 29|The Movember Foundation|London, England, UK - LINK
23 of 29|The Outkast Group|Sydney, New South Wales, Australia - LINK
24 of 29|The Print Rooms|London, England, UK - LINK
25 of 29|Reward Gateway|London, England, UK - LINK
26 of 29|SI START|Ljubljana, Slovenia - LINK
27 of 29|Slate Magazine|New York City, New York, USA - LINK
28 of 29|VICE|Toronto, Ontario, Canada - LINK
29 of 29|Whiteboard|Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA - LINK

Cramped cubicle culture is on its way out. Companies are increasingly invested in keeping their employees productive, creative, happy and inspired, and workplaces are getting more innovative as a result.

The right office offers a key competitive edge in attracting the most prolific and visionary talent. The world’s professional headquarters – from New York City, to London, to Moscow, and everywhere in between – are more beautiful and thoughtfully designed than ever before. Some put the emphasis on sustainability, some prioritise play, others focus on flexibility. All are working hard to shed the image of the gloomy corporate cage.

Whether you’re into bold patterns and bright colours, classic elegance, or sleek minimalism, you’ll find something to love about the coolest offices of 2016. Check out our favourites above and prepare for a serious case of office envy.




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