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Dramatic Homes That Prove Black Walls Belong In Any Room

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Colours fall in and out of fashion, but black remains a stylish staple. We like it from head to toe, on our wrists, on our cars, on our superyachts, on our leather, and even, when we’re feeling particularly bold, on our walls.

With the recent trendiness of the Scandinavian aesthetic, we’ve been seeing a lot of light and airy spaces. White is an it-colour in interior design, and social media feeds have been flooded with polished, practically incandescent, rooms as a result. We’re avowed fans of the minimalist look, but we also like to shake things up.

You’ve also been warned that inky shades will shrink a room, making your space seem unbearably small and claustrophobic. We wouldn’t recommend giving the dark treatment to a room that already feels cramped, but if the size of your turf is not an issue, don’t consider it a hard and fast rule. We’re no strangers to breaking rules when the result is chic.

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Black walls aren’t just for the Batcave anymore. Daring designers are embracing the shade in a surprising range of spaces, whether they boast the classic charm of intricate moldings or a more pared-down, contemporary style. The rooms above prove black walls (and other details) belong anywhere you want them, provided you’ve got the attitude to match.




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