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Dyson Invent One Of The Coolest Ways To Breathe Easier

The following article has been brought to you by Dyson

“There’s an app for that” is more than a catchy commercial slogan; it’s a prediction of the future.

More and more, we’re surrounded by intelligent devices that capture data about what we do and how we live. These devices are increasingly sophisticated.

Now they don’t just collect information, they communicate with each other about it – coordinating to perform tasks on command and provide solutions to our problems.

The Internet of Things would have been unthinkable not long ago, and the future of it is equally unimaginable to us now. What we can do is appreciate the incredible strides we’ve made.

Case in point: the Dyson Pure Cool Link, a tricked-out air purifier that’s stylish, smart, and like nothing else on the market. And yes, there’s an app for that.

Discover The Dyson Pure Cool Link


Three’s never a crowd

We’ll start with the bad news. According to the Centre of Australian Weather and Climate Research, air pollution inside your home can be up to five times worse than outside.

Considering that we spend approximately 90% of our time indoors these days, that number is nothing to scoff at.

On top of our progressively more enclosed lifestyles, modern homes are more sealed. The updated designs are intended to keep noise out and heat in, but pollutants and allergens get trapped inside along with the warmth. It’s a recipe for pulmonary disaster.

The good news is, the Dyson Pure Cool Link eliminates 99.97% of allergens and pollutants as small as 0.3 microns. The 360° Glass HEPA filter captures ultrafine particles from the air including pollen, bacteria, auto emissions, and pet dander.

In the summer, it’s also a powerful cooling fan. The smart device automatically monitors air quality and reacts accordingly, then reports to the Dyson Link app so you can remotely control your environment.

And of course, it does it all with an abundance of Dyson’s trademark minimalist style.

Pure Style


Less device, more design

There’s already plenty to love about the Pure Cool Link from your first glance. It embodies the best of Dyson’s modern design ethos with a bladeless oval tower set atop a cylindrical base.

The purifier’s Air Multiplier technology disposes of traditional visible spinning blades for an ultra-sleek look that’s both safe and easy to clean. The minimalism extends to the base of the device, which is featureless except for a power button and an LED indicator.

The indicator displays a variety of symbols to represent the mode it’s in. It flashes green when Wi-Fi is in pairing mode, flashes white when it’s connecting, and turns solid white when it’s successfully connected.

When set to Automatic, the base displays a solid white A while cleaning and a solid green A when it has reached the target air quality. A crescent moon symbol appears when the machine is in its quieter Night-Time mode.

The Pure Cool Link comes in two colours, silver and metallic blue. Those new to Dyson might be shocked by the tower’s bladeless, bold statement, but fans of the brand will love its familiar space-age style.

Pure Smarts


Fusion of versatility and usability

If you were following along closely, you have an important question right now: if the Pure Cool Link base only has a power button, how do you control it? The answer is two-fold.

First, the low-tech option. The purifier comes with a compact remote control that boasts all the necessary buttons: Power, Auto, Fan Speed, Timer, Oscillation, and Night-Time mode.

Like the rest of the machine, the remote is sleek and minimal. When not in use, it can be magnetically stored on top of the tower (an especially handy feature if you’re the type who loses his sunglasses the second they’re off his head).

All functions from the remote are replicated by the real highlight of this experience: the Dyson Link app. Connect the purifier to Wi-Fi, download the app for Android or iOS, and you’re granted access to a host of cool data and controls.

The app can be used to monitor filter life, so you know when you need to change it, and set schedules for the Pure Cool Link to run on a daily or weekly basis.

The app can also conduct an instant reading of the air quality in the surrounding area and the air quality outdoors. Charts display air quality throughout the day or week, as well as how often the purifier was active.

Air quality targets (divided into “good quality”, “sensitive to particles and pollutants”, and “very sensitive to particles and pollutants”) can be set so the machine responds automatically to changes in the air, ensuring your purifier performs at optimal levels with minimum human intervention.

Smooth Operator


Dyson’s first app-based product

Out of the box, the Dyson Pure Cool Link comes in two pieces. Assembly requires no tools; the pieces must simply be aligned and snapped together. Replacing the HEPA filter is as easy as removing the top, discarding the older filter, and inserting a new one.

On the base of the machine you’ll find a blue sticker with an SSID and the Wi-Fi password to pair the purifier with your home Wi-Fi. Download the app, tap Add a Product, and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.

The rest of the experience is all pretty intuitive. The Pure Cool Link works well and is easy to move from room to room. It’s effective in keeping pollen, smells, and other irritants at bay.

The app is useful, though you may find yourself addicted to checking its data. Night-Mode, which dims the LED display and switches to the quietest settings, is a nice touch.

The appliance’s aesthetic appeal means it doesn’t have to be hidden – it’s a device you’ll happily display.


The Dyson Pure Cool Link is a premium product that delivers on its promises. It rapidly cleans the air in any room, providing much needed respite for allergy suffers and germaphobes. The connected app is both fascinating from an informational standpoint and incredibly useful as a remote control. The design makes it a conversation piece, not just a utilitarian appliance.

The purifier’s downsides are few and excusable. It’s relatively large and the design may not complement everyone’s décor, but in the right setting, it makes a standout statement.

It can be loud when pushed to its outer limits, but it’s whisper quiet on lower settings. It’s hardly the cheapest gadget you’ll have in your house, but it works hard to live up to its price tag and many will agree it succeeds.

If you find yourself hot and bothered (by allergies) this summer, the Pure Cool Link could be exactly the investment you need.




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