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Evolution Of The Small Apartment By Escapefromsofa

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There’s now proof that small packages do pack bigger punches. Testament to this is the latest rooftop apartment located in Istanbul’s bustling Cihangir neighbourhood – all 41 square metres of it.

You read right. There’s no floor-to-ceiling windows, theatre rooms, fancy fireplaces or infinity pools here. It’s just plain and simple clever interior design which efficiently utilises every corner down to a tee, creating an abode worthy of any man.

The apartment was completed by Escapefromsofa in 2014 and followed a strict design code of the ‘Swiss Army Knife’, that it, using rich tonal colours to set the mood and dark hardwood floors tie everything together.

What stands out the most however is the eclectic collection of masculine furniture strategically strewn across the living room and tight hallways. The liberal use of floor art also adds a whole new dimension to the apartment with the help of juxtaposing textures and colours.

A blink and you’ll miss it kitchen is also squeezed in next to a central column. You won’t be making Master Chef style banquets anytime soon but dishes for you and a date is more than achievable.

Short of one of the coolest bike rack/bike combos we’ve ever witnessed, we’re going to let the photos do the talking and inspiring.

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