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Tom Hardy & Cillian Murphy Go To War In Full-Length ‘Dunkirk’ Trailer

If 2016 didn’t give you enough to feel grim about, here’s a reminder of how bad things were in 1940. Acclaimed director Christopher Nolan has released a full-length trailer for Dunkirk, a film about the 10-day World War II battle and evacuation in the French city that year.

Following its teaser in August, the two-minute trailer shows how determined Nolan and co. were to capture the mission at its most bloody and most heartbreakingly real. The clip is harrowing to watch, and the desperation of 400,000 Allied forces facing 800,000 Nazi troops feels painfully genuine.

Dunkirk stars an army of Britain and Ireland’s finest talent: Tom Hardy, Cillian Murphy, Mark Rylance, Kenneth Branagh. Even Harry Styles (yes, the floppy-haired guy from One Direction) takes his first crack at acting, much to the delight of adolescent girls everywhere.

The comparisons to Saving Private Ryan have, of course, been made. The Guardian mused that Dunkirk could be “a homegrown answer to Spielberg’s relentlessly torrid paean to American second world war heroism, a brutally epic exploration of British pluck, duty and desperation in the face of Hitler’s ghastly might.” Mic hypothesised that Nolan’s flick could “pass Saving Private Ryan‘s $216-million record as the highest-grossing WWII-themed film ever.”

Comparisons aside, Dunkirk looks like everything we want from a Christopher Nolan movie. Its scale is epic, its sets are large and dramatic to match. Nolan’s famously beautiful imagery is on full display. The special effects are sure to be flawless and with Hans Zimmer behind the score, there’s no way the music could go wrong.

Dunkirk is due in cinemas in July 2017.




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