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Soak In The World’s Scariest Infinity Pool (If You Dare)

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Forget about the room with a view. At Hotel Huburtus, it’s all about the view from the swimming pool. Architecture firm noa* recently unveiled a daring new addition to the Italian wellness retreat: a 25-metre-long glass-bottomed sky pool suspended 12 metres above the ground.

This swim is not for the faint of heart. The infinity pool juts out at a dizzying height from the side of the Hotel Huburtus. Its invisible boundaries disappear into the landscape, offering a panoramic view of the surrounding Dolomites. A glass panel on the front and a glazed window on the bottom give brave bathers the sensation of swimming through the sky.

To create a uniform appearance between the existing building and the new build, as well as between the structure and nature, noa* added native larch tree trunks to the facade. The debarked trunks also support the pool and double as sun screens, room dividers, and rain protectors.

“The new pool, which imposingly rests in-between the two accommodation wings, seems like a floating rock, come to rest at the site, overlooking the valley,” write the architects. “The hidden edges of the pool, kept in anthracite-coloured stone, abolish the gap between pool and landscape, creating the impression of the water flowing into nothing.”

Depending on your fondness for elevation, the sky pool is either the ultimate blissful dip or a nightmare no amount of Xanax could mollify. Thrill-seekers are now welcome to defy gravity at the resort, while those who can’t stomach taking the plunge have five other indoor and outdoor pools to choose from. Book a stay here and don’t forget to pack your swim shorts.


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