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Style Essentials For The Man in His 40s

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1 of 11|Beams Plus|Seersucker cotton double-breast blazer - $290 - BUY
2 of 11|Isabel Benenato|Flat cap - $200 - BUY
3 of 11|Marc Jacobs|Light wool rollneck - $400 - BUY
4 of 11|Drake's|Silk print scarf - $205 - BUY
5 of 11|Incotex|Nude slim fit chinos - $320 - BUY
6 of 11|Tod's|Brown leather tassel loafers - $480 - BUY
7 of 11|Schott|Suede bomber jacket - $1,430 - BUY
8 of 11|H&M|Silk cotton polo - $40 - BUY
9 of 11|Filson|Canvas leather trim holdall - $580 - LINK
10 of 11|Nudie Jeans|Straight cut dark denim jeans - $180 - BUY
11 of 11|Adidas|Gazelle low cut sneaker - $100 - BUY

While “forty is the new thirty” may be a touch tongue in cheek, in fashionspeak, the forties really parlay a decade of ripening for most gents.

You tried outlandish things as a twentysomething, then toned it down a bit in your thirties, and now you’re reaping the rewards on what you’ve sown two decades prior. In the forties, you’re bankin’ those bucks. So, lift the luxe on your usual style staples — goobye poly tees, hello silk-blend polos — treating your fortysomething self to the finer things, and fabrics in life.

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With all that hard work, and maybe the odd kid, it’s likely you’re sporting the dadbod, so the cut and shape of clothing is important. Think a natural-shoulder, snug fit bomber (in desert-brown suede, just because you can) and a sharp, double-breasted blazer for a stately look, that should tuck in the tummy.

Footwear — like sneakers — should riff on the retro, not super trendy, avant-garde. And the leather loafer is your happy formal-casual medium: the perfect shoe for Casual Fridays and the weekend break away. And take your tote-cum-holdall everywhere you go. Man-bags, not the backpack, are your forties’ friend.

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