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Step Inside The World’s First All-Season Ice Hotel

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Forget about that hotel booking overlooking the Santorini sunset.

For an experience that’s truly out of this world, drop into the world’s first ever permanent ice hotel in Sweden aptly named, Icehotel 365. The cool hotel affords its all-year-round presence due to its proximity to the North Pole, approximately 200km of the Arctic Circle in a town called Jukkasjärvi.

The hotel is not new in any way, having first being erected in 1989 and now coming into its 27th anniversary. Still, it’ll be a sight to behold at an eerie place where the sun doesn’t set for 100 days of the year and guests can slumber amongst rooms, furniture and sculptures constructed entirely from ice and snow.

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Guests won’t need to feel guilty for indulging in a spa bath in an ice tub either since the Icehotel’s 20 suites, bar and art gallery are entirely powered by solar panels which capture the abundance of sun rays during the warmer seasons (which is still below 0 degrees Celsius).

Check out the gallery below before you commit to checking in.

[via Hypebeast]

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