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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [05.12.16]

Forget the Monday blues and trade them in for some good old fashioned procrastination of the highest order. In this week’s pointless and awesome facts we’re asking all the hard questions. Why do men wake up with erections? How do you open a wine bottle without a corkscrew and the world’s freakiest museums. Thinking caps off.

Why Men Wake Up With Erections


It’s not a secret anymore. We know it. You know it. Your partner likely knows it. Why the hell does Woody always invite himself to your morning tea party? Well like most things in this world, there’s a scientific reason for that, according to Lifehacker.

Normal erections are caused by sexual arousal which begins as a message in the brain causing the nervous system to react. This sends blood to the blood vessels in the penis causing it to become erect.

While men are sleeping, nocturnal penile erections can occur thanks to Rapid Eye Movement (REM) sleep – which is basically the dreaming phase. Multiple areas in the brain are stimulated at this point icluding those such as ‘rest and digest’ nerves, sympathetic ‘flight or fight’ nerves and serotonin areas which control mood.

When a man is in REM sleep, there is an imbalance of these activated nerves which causes the ‘rest and digest’ nerves to react – in the form of an erection. This can happen spontaneously in your sleep but most commonly happens when men arise from REM sleep. A boost in testostrone in the mornings also helps aid this hard-pressed issue.

How To Save Instagram Posts Without Giving Screenshot Notifications


Your game’s up, creeper. Instagram recently made changes to the photo app which has users notified whenever someone screenshots the app’s latest disappearing messages or a photo from a user’s story. The only notification they won’t get is if you screenshot an image from their main feed.

Creepers listen up: Go to their Instagram page via a computer browser. Click on the image you want to save (for reasons we’d rather not know) and click View —> Developer —> View Source.

Once the code page loads, Command F or Cntrl F to look for the .jpg filename. A URL link should come back which looks somethoing like:


Take that link, paste it into a new browser and voila, you now have a downlaoded image that cannot be traced by the photo sharing app. Thanks to the creeps at Mashable for sharing this.

How To Open A Wine Bottle Without A Corkscrew


Versatile men can make do even at the worst of times. No corkscrew to crack open that wine bottle this festive season? No worries, says Thrillist. You’re a man of many talents so here are three ways to open a wine bottle sans the corkscrew.

The Push: The easiest method also comes with a drawback – a floating cork in your wine bottle. Simply use a strong shaft-like device (like a screw driver) and push the cork through. Most recommend the handle of a wooden spoon since you won’t tear chunks out of the cork before it drops into the wine. Remember though you’ll need a bit of elbow grease for this.

That’s A Knife: We suggest you keep your wits about you when attempting this one. Grab a serrated knife, stab it into the top of the cork near the edge at a diagonal angle and then spin the knife whilst maintaining the cutting angle. This should get the cork to pop out slightly where a knife can go directly into the side, using a spin until it releases motion.

The Towel Slap: This is the most macho way to open a wine bottle if you’re looking to impress. A wrod or warning though – you could cut yourself and bleed out in front of said guests. Wrap the bottle in a towel and find a nice hard surface that won’t leave a mark. Hold the bottle horizontally and smack it repetitively against the surface. Physics reckons that the moment of inertia should be enough to cause the cork to jut out. Once the cork rears its ugly hind enough, pull it out. We suggest you don’t try this on your favourite marble bench.

Museums That Will Scare You Senseless


Looking for something different to do this festive season? Listverse have collected ten of the world’s scariest museums you can visit today. Be sure to have a Google of the images to every one of these. Late at night preferable.

  1. House on the Rock
  2. Glore Psychiatric Museum
  3. New Haven Ventriloquist Museum
  4. Catacombs of Palermo
  5. London Dungeon
  6. Lombrosp’s Museum of Criminal Anthropology
  7. Madame Tussauds
  8. Museum of Anatomy
  9. Mutter Museum
  10. The Purgatory Museum


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