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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know This Week [12.12.16]

It’s Monday again but there’s no need to be sad since it’s almost Christmas and we know you’ll be watching a lot of porn. Wait, what? That’s right. It’s the week’s most interesting facts and that includes they type of porn people search for online, new year’s resolutions that are full of crap and the most horrifying accidents you can have in an elevator.

Ten Most Broken New Year’s Resolutions


You had one job

Already planning those annual New Year’s resolutions? Not so fast, keen Kenny. If you’re compiling the list and finding that it looks exactly like last year’s list then you’re not the only one. Finder have done the heavy lifting to list this year’s ten most broken New Year’s resolutions. And it’s everything you think it is.

1. Getting fit
2. Stop smoking
3. Learn a new skill
4. Stop spending and save
5. See the family more
6. Travel more
7. Give up the booze
8. Do some volunteer work
9. Calm yourself
10. Eat better

Most Annoying Questions To Ask A Flight Attendant


Is that water free range?

Think those smiles and courtesy hellos are real? Well they are to begin with but ask the wrong question and you’re in for a world of pain in the form of wry smiles and a seat next to the toilets. These are the ten questions you should never ask a flight attendant according to Thrillist.

  • Can you ask everyone to stay seated so I can get off first?
  • Can I get a free drink?
  • Can I use the first-class bathroom?
  • Is it hard for you to date?
  • Can I have water to take a pill before we leave?
  • What are we flying over?
  • Can I change seats?
  • Can I hang out back here?
  • Can’t I just sit in one of those empty first-class seats?
  • Am I going to make my connections?
  • Do you get, like, a special discount you can hook me up with?
  • Do you have any tips on buying tickets?
  • What is your “route”?

Most Horrifying Elevator Accidents In History


Don’t shoot the hostage

If you fear heights and elevators then keep reading. It’ll make you feel better. Trust us. Listverse know what they’re talking about.

Death By Wedge

Talk about a terrible way to go. In 1906 a nurse was on her way home and hopped into an elevator with the elevator working closing the gate behind her. As the elevator began its descent there was a loud tearing sound. The worker tried to hold the elevator with the rope but an electrical malfunction meant that the cable partially gave way. As a sign of hope the elevator jammed suddenly allowing the worker and another nurse to help the occupant out through the gate bars. Fate didn’t allow it though with the cable snapping, dragging the nurse down the shaft wedged between the gate. She was found dead at the bottom of the elevator.

Head & Chest No More

Elevators in 1947 were better but still not up to scratch in terms of safety. At the Menzies Hotel in Melbourne, four occupants got into the service elevator from the basement. The elevator stopped responding to one of the man’s requests for it to stop on his floor and it eventually overshot the level stopping completely. The men smashed open the wooden panel to climb out and managed to help one woman out of the elevator. As they were helping the second woman someone above pressed the elevator button causing the the woman’s head and chest to be crushed between the floor of the lift and the wall of the lift well.

Christmas Eve Disaster

It was 1954 when Grace Sawtell was returning from a break at the Euston Hotel in Sydney. The elevator she was in jammed between the first and second levels. After receiving help from her cries by two men, she stepped out of the elevator but then it dropped, crushing her to death on Christmas Eve.

Most Searched Porn During Christmas

Christmas can be a lonely time for some who don’t have a place to go or family and friends to be around. Thankfully there’s a little site called Pornhub who claim to know your festive search habits during this merry season.

Here’s what they found from a past study. Ho, ho, ho.






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