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29 Stylish Modern Calendars For Getting Your Sh*t Together In 2017

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1 of 29|Minimalist Printable Wall Calendar|PrintableGiftIdeas - US$6.96 - BUY
2 of 29|Photodarium 2017|Photodarium - €29.80 - BUY
3 of 29|Time Visualization Calendar 2017|Hansen/2 - LINK
4 of 29|A Year Long Calendar|One Must Dash - £10.00 - BUY
5 of 29|2017 Year Planner|Tom Pigeon - £15.00 - BUY
6 of 29|2017 To Do List Calendar Pad|Ryan McGinness - US$24.95 - BUY
7 of 29|SNUG.TOYBLOCKS Calendar 2017|SNUG.STUDIO - €18.90 - BUY
8 of 29|Moon Phases 2017 Wall Planner|Dowse - £24.50 - BUY
9 of 29|2017 Wall Calendar - Colors|DOZI - US$26.00 - BUY
10 of 29|2017 Stendig Calendar|Massimo Vignelli - US$45.00 - BUY
11 of 29|Printable Minimalist Circle Calendar 2017|Mario Martinez Celis - $US4.00 - BUY
12 of 29|Typodarium 2017|Typodarium - €19.80 - BUY
13 of 29|Typeface Calendar 2017|Lee Jaegoo - LINK
14 of 29|Today – 2017 Daily Calendar|Matthew Hoffman - US$36.50 - BUY
15 of 29|2017 Calendar|HWAL - LINK
16 of 29|2017 Isometric Risograph Calendar|JP King - US$24.00 - BUY
17 of 29|Calendar With Augmented Reality 2017|Alex Andreyev - US$16.00 - BUY
18 of 29|SNUG.GEO Calendar 2017|SNUG.STUDIO - €21.50 - BUY
19 of 29|Tiles of Porto Calendar 2017|Floduardo Almeida - LINK
20 of 29|Wallpaper Calendar|All The Fruits - €21.00 - BUY
21 of 29|Bureau Oberhaeuser Calendar 2017|Bureau Oberhaeuser - €19.99 - BUY
22 of 29|DodeCal 2017|DodeCal - £79.00 - BUY
23 of 29|Vertical Calendar|Nack Studio - US$26.99 - BUY
24 of 29|Color Swatch Calendar 2017|Peter von Freyhold - US$43.00 - BUY
25 of 29|Minimalist 2017 Wall Calendar|Knoed - US$30.00 - BUY
26 of 29|Bubble Wrap Calendar 2017|Bubble Calendar - US$26.99 - BUY
27 of 29|The Cube Calendar 2017|Cube Calendar - €24.95 - BUY
28 of 29|365 Metal Calendar|Poligon - LINK
29 of 29|The Fucking Calendar|Atipic Projects - LINK

Our current orbit around the sun is nearly complete, and there’s plenty we want for the year ahead. We want to be more successful at work. We want to be more well-groomed and better dressed. We want to be healthier. We want to wield money more carefully. We want to travel more and stress less. We want stronger relationships and more sleep. We want our homes to be more stylish. We want to be more organised.

In other words, we want to get our shit together, and we suspect you do too.

The remaining days of 2016 will be spent arming ourselves with apps, gadgets, and accessories that will support us in kicking ass in 2017. High on that list is a calendar, because though our lives may be increasingly digital, crossing something off a to-do list or slashing an X through a completed day remain some of life’s greatest and simplest pleasures.


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But an average calendar won’t do. We want something modern and masculine, with style for days and just the right amount of unique flair. We’re not boring; why should our calendars be?

Above we’ve gathered 29 handsome options that will make staying on track in 2017 an easy and chic affair. Go forth and conquer.


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