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See The Winning Photos From National Geographic’s 2016 Contest

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1 of 17|"Sardine Run" By Greg Lecoeur
2 of 17|"Friendship knows no color" By Jose Pesquero Gomez
3 of 17|"Proud Momma" by Michael O'Neill
4 of 17|"Wildfire at the beach" By Sergej Chursyn
5 of 17|"Jellyfish Feast" by Scott Portelli
6 of 17|"Dragging you deep into the woods!" By Varun Aditya
7 of 17|"Wild Rink" By Alessandro Gruzza
8 of 17|"Crow chasing Puffy Owl" By Chia Boon Oo Lawrence
9 of 17|"Struggle of Life" by Jacob Kaptein
10 of 17|"Toxic Vanity" By Eleanor Ryder
11 of 17|"Changing Fortunes of the Great Egret" By Zsolt Kudich
12 of 17|"Pacific Storm" by Santiago Borja
13 of 17|"American Flowers #1" By Ken Bower
14 of 17|"Life and Death" By Vadim Balakin
15 of 17|"Serendipitous Green Meteor" By Prasenjeet Yadav
16 of 17|"The View Outside Facebook HQ" By Chris McCann
17 of 17|"no snow, no ice?" By Patty Waymire

In a world of relentless pace dominated by technology, it’s easy to overlook the natural progression of Mother Nature’s marvels.

We’re not talking about your thriving moustache here, more so the collection of animals that inhabit Earth alongside us.

The National Geographic 2016 Nature Photographer of the Year Contest is the very celebration of this.


Featuring categories which include Animal Portraits to Landscape to Action and Environmental Issues, the series is a stunning representation of what civilian life usually prevents us from seeing.

The winner of this year’s award was Frenchman Greg Lecoeur of Nice who captured “Sardine Run”. He explained his image rather vividly.

“During the sardine migration along the Wild Coast of South Africa, millions of sardines are preyed upon by marine predators such as dolphins, marine birds, sharks, whales, penguins, sailfishes and sea lions. The hunt begins with common dolphins that have developed special hunting techniques to create and drive bait balls to the surface.”

See the shortened gallery above and then head over to National Geographic for the full listing of winning entrants.

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