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Spilling The Beans On Barista Quality Coffee At Home

The following article has been brought to you by Nespresso Creatista

Uncovering the finest worldly pursuits for men on a daily basis is never one person’s job at D’Marge. It takes a dedicated team of typing monkeys armed with the perfect blend of coffee crafted to the most exacting tastes.

Thankfully the office’s sexy new toy is also our new best friend (condolences, Water Chiller). Say buongiorno to the svelte lines of the Nespresso Creatista.

As a group of creatives with little time to loiter around cafe lines overrun with bearded philosophers, we were glad to discover that the Nespresso Creatista is more than just a fancy name for a new generation of coffee machine.

The Nespresso Creatista has quickly established itself as a valued part of the team with eight different coffee selections designed to satisfy the most demanding tastes.

Where some would consider that overzealous, the Nespresso Creatista considers itself a barista’s tool of trade. It’s ingeniously compact and intentionally simple to use for those who are normally on the receiving end.

How easy are we talking? Like taking candy from a candy store and making your lovely date pay for it.

A Wand To Weave Your Own Coffee Magic

Nespresso likes to call it the Automated Steam Wand but we’ll just call this the most intuitive feature ever added to a civilian coffee machine.

The Automated Steam Wand is every wannabe barista’s dream come true, allowing for up to 8 auto frothing settings in order to achieve the perfect milk texture for your coffee.

Simply fill the milk jug to the designated level, place the steam wand into it, select your preferred texture via the quick selector dial and hit start. The Creatista will do the rest of the heavy lifting.

Customising your preference in the all-important milk froth doesn’t end there though. The Creatista also gives users the option to choose up to 11 milk temperatures to ensure your liquid gold is supple enough to sip straight off the brewer. You’re happy. Your boss is happy. HR is happy. Everyone gets to keep their job for another week.

Art Of Coffee In Your Hands

Choosing up to 8 different variations of coffee via 24 different Nespresso capsules is only half the fun of Creatista. When the machine has finished brewing anything from a flat white to a latte of your choosing, it’s time to remove the frothed milk and let your inner Vincent Van Gogh do the talking. The art part – not the cutting off your ear part.

Simply use the freshly texturised milk to create intricate patterns, motifs and drawings that you’ve been working on during meetings and you’ll be making some damn sexy coffee art in no time.

A Cleaner At Your Service

Nespresso understands every man’s need to tie up loose ends so the Creatista comes equipped with a very handy Assisted Cleaning System. Ensuring that milk isn’t caught inside the wand is a high priority but it shouldn’t be yours.

When frothing is complete, the wand will shoot a stream of hot water through the pipes to ensure it’s clean for the next mission. Your only job? Wipe off the milk froth from the external surface of the wand and you’re good for round two.

Who needs real friends when you have a Creatista.





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