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Step Inside Pagani’s Shiny New Supercar Factory

The Pagani name has been around for more than two decades now but with the completion of the Italian marque’s dedicated new facility, the badge appears to have finally joined the supercar fraternity.

Pagani’s existing San Cesario sul Panaro facility will continue to stand with the new factory set to eclipse it from just a stone’s throw away. Given that the new factory will handle an output of 300 cars per year (with an initial cap of 45 cars/year), it was only fitting that a time lapse video was created documenting the build from dirt to destination.

What’s cool about the new plant is that it also retains some of Pagani’s heritage with rustic details strewn throughout the high-tech decor. Inspiration for the building design comes complements of a greenhouse from a French chateau owned by one of Pagani’s well-heeled customers.

The first model earmarked to roll out of the new plant will be the Huayra Roadster which will only be built to a limited production of 100 examples.

Want one? You’ll have to wait when the car officially debuts at the 2017 Geneva Auto Show in March.


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