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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #110

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If you’re all alone this festive season with no one to spoon with then you’re in luck. This week’s gadget and tech wrap we like to call Shut Up & Take My Money features a creepy holographic girlfriend who’ll do all the jobs of a normal girlfriend (minus the physical stuff). Besides that we have the usual fair of hovercraft bikes, road racing bikes and new gear from B&O. We take your money.

The Beast Hoverbike

It might be in conceptual guise for now but make no mistake a hover bike is on its way – if you can wait a hundred years or so. The Beast is a design born from the mind of Rico Kersten, a man who took out the second spot of the ‘A Roadtrip In 2016’ contest. The single rider vehicle features a giant radial fan to create lift whilst winglets are used to steer the bike. Brakes are in the form of reverse thrusters. Keen? You’ll have to put one on lay-by and wait a century.



Gatebox Virtual Home Robot

Lacking a significant other? Japan has the answer (obviously). Gatebox is a real-life interpretation of Spike Jonez’s Her starring Scarlett Johansson as an artificially intelligent girlfriend. Gatebox is similar except it’s a holographic companion inside a tube which interact with you throughout the day, help around the home and grow to become a part of your life. Creepy? You bet. ‘Azuma Hikari’ is Gatebox’s first character who can keep her ‘Master’ company, check up on them at work and even dream. Pre-orders are now open for those who have given up on real love.


DiamondBack Andean

We love a damn good road bike at D’Marge and this is one that’s certain to turn some heads on the tarmac. The DiamondBack Andean was designed for triathletes and can now be yours. It features some wild aero developed by Kevin Quan and has been wind tunnel tested to ensure the rider will cut through the air with efficiency. HED have sorted the wheels with their Jet 6 up front and Jet 9 in the rear. It comes in either stealth matte black or lava red.

BUY $6,380

Bang & Olufsen Brass Collection

The German audiophiles are going brass for their latest collection of art-inspired audio equipment. Trading up the clean lines of stainless steel and aluminium, the brand’s most sought after products will get the gold tinge including the wireless Beosound 1 to the range-topping Beolab 90 speakers. It’s an interesting exercise in design which won’t come cheap but it will make your home look like a million bucks. Or ten.


Reigning Champ Soccer Ball

One for One is a program run by Reigning Champ which gives back to the community of sports. To raise more funds for their latest initiative, they’ve created these sleek looking soccer balls in size 5 in either black or white (though black is way cooler). Each ball comes with a mesh bag and will look as good on the pitch as it will on your top shelf in the man cave.



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