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Netflix Drops Trailer For ‘MythBusters’ Successor ‘White Rabbit Project’

Missing MythBusters? The beloved show isn’t getting a reboot, but Netflix is soon launching a spiritual successor called White Rabbit Project starring the original Build Team of Kari Byron, Tory Belleci, and Grant Imahara.

The new series follows the fearless trio down the rabbit hole as they investigate history’s coolest tech, weirdest weapons, and craziest escapes. “In each episode,” says the show’s official description, “the hosts immerse themselves in experiments, builds and tests as they sleuth the truth behind these and other well googled themes.”

In other words, they’ll be doing what they do best, and what fans can’t get enough of watching them do.

The newly released trailer shows Belleci, Byron, and Imahara bringing the MythBusters magic back. Although White Rabbit Project isn’t an official extension of the dearly departed show, it features the same insane weapons, crazy costumes, madcap hijinks, and (of course) plenty of explosions. To quote Byron: “Everything is gonna go perfect, or the whole thing is gonna just blow up.”

Get a taste for the mayhem ahead in the trailer above, and look for the show to premiere on Netflix on December 9.


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