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A new year beginning means a brand new crop of resolutions (and the inevitable struggle to maintain them past January).

All the usual suspects are there. Eat better and stay fit. Get organised. Turn off the tech before bed. Wake up earlier. Spend more time with family. Spend more time reading. Spend less money. With all that hard work ahead, a man deserves to treat himself a little. Perhaps a new suit or a trip to the masseuse – or, in my case, a bit of handsome new gear for the bachelor pad.


Any opportunity to spruce up HQ is welcome, but the sprucing is all the sweeter when it’s paid for with points from American Express. 2017 hasn’t even begun and it’s already off to a stellar start.

Strategic Spending


Shopping on the fly

My American Express Qantas Discovery Card proved to be a stalwart companion in 2016. The card makes stockpiling points easy with a simple premise: no annual fee, no frills, and direct integration with your Qantas Frequent Flyer account. Equally important, the points are easy to manage and easy to spend.

We believe in having as few barriers to splurging as possible, thank you very much.

The card was a go-to for all my travel arrangements this year. I stuck with Qantas when possible, to double the points earned, but made sure to pull out the plastic for all bookings to maximise my earning potential.

I also boosted my cache by participating in the Local Champion programme for more extra points, and using the card for as many not-so glamorous purchases as possible. The bills have to be paid no matter what – might as well earn points while doing it.

Glass Act


Riedel O Cabernet glasses

What’s a man to do when points are burning a hole in his pocket? I chose to slake my retail frenzy and my thirst simultaneously with a set of stemless Riedel O Cabernet glasses for the home. Not only are they an exceedingly slick addition to my kitchen, they tick off multiple New Year’s resolution boxes.

They’ll be put to good use as the silly season is officially upon us and there’s a whole lot of entertaining planned for summer. It’s the perfect opportunity to spend quality time with friends and family, and put my hosting skills to the test. Bring on the beaches and BBQs. I couldn’t be more ready.

Then there’s the price tag. The gorgeous glassware only cost 16,000 points, putting me right on track with any frugal financial goals for the year. That is, of course, until the next shiny thing catches my eye…


I managed to stop there this time around (even magnificent bastards are capable of occasional restraint), but there was so much more I could have spent my American Express points on. It took Herculean levels of self-control not to splash out on (more) sneakers, a swanky hotel room, a night on the town – they say you’re only limited by your imagination, and trust me, this is an imagination of galactic proportions.

The good news is, I was impressed by the value of my American Express points and found that they accumulated quite quickly.

My travel on Qantas proved especially helpful in topping them up that little bit faster. Now that I know how easy it is to reward myself, under the guise of wholesome New Year’s resolutions or not, expect it to happen a little more often.


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