Best Dressed Men Of The Week Feat. Roger Federer, Jamie Bell & Diplo

Step into a new year the right way with inspiration from the world’s best dressed celebrity men.

For the first edition of 2017 we’re hitting up the sports stars and musicians for their finest wears. First up is Nick Jonas who continues to be a regular on the style circuit with his robust delivery of looks whether that be in the suiting department or on the big stage.

Joining him is Justin Bieber who’s looks often polarise some but there’s no doubting his gym attire is on point. Producer and hit creator Diplo also joins this week’s ranks with his quirky yet well-thought out wardrobe with a hint of street influence.

Roger Federer and LeBron James round out the veteran sports stars who are showing the boys how to scrub up to a formal event whether that be in a turtleneck suit or a classic tux.

Lest we forget, young Jamie Bell who’s the sole actor flying the covert flag with style.

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