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Great Escape: The Best Travel Instagrams Of The Week [04.01.17]

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1 of 20|Dubai, United Arab Emirates| - FOLLOW
2 of 20|The LINE Hotel, Los Angeles, California, USA| - FOLLOW
3 of 20|Hot Springs, Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park, British Columbia, Canada| - FOLLOW
4 of 20|Skydive Spaceland, Houston, Texas, USA| | By @gurustunts - FOLLOW
5 of 20|Amsterdam, Netherlands| | By @saltinourhair - FOLLOW
6 of 20|Altiplano, South America| - FOLLOW
7 of 20|Snow Canyon State Park, Utah, USA| - FOLLOW
8 of 20|Moscow, Russia| - FOLLOW
9 of 20|Riga, Latvia| | By @insearchofperfect - FOLLOW
10 of 20|Westfjords, Denmark Strait| - FOLLOW
11 of 20|Hobart, Tasmania, Australia| | By @itseriksen - FOLLOW
12 of 20|Iceland| | By @bensimonrehn - FOLLOW
13 of 20|The Brocken, Germany| - FOLLOW
14 of 20|Paris, France| - FOLLOW
15 of 20|Hallstatt, Austria| | By @bu_khaled - FOLLOW
16 of 20|Lake Wanaka, New Zealand| - FOLLOW
17 of 20|Aiguille du Midi, Mont Blanc Massif, Alps, France| - FOLLOW
18 of 20|Iya Valley, Shikoku, Japan| | By @jaydickmanphoto - FOLLOW
19 of 20|Achtermannshöhe, Harz National Park, Germany| - FOLLOW
20 of 20|Villa Treville, Positano, Italy| - FOLLOW

Out with the old year, in with the new. With 2016 officially behind us (and not a moment too soon) we’re looking forward to a 2017 filled with optimism and adventure. As always, we’ll be culling inspiration from the travel Instagrams that flood our feed and fuel our wanderlust each week.

Social media’s most prolific jet-setters kicked off the year with an array of exciting exploits. Katia Mishchenkova welcomed 2017 in traditional fashion, with an eruption of colourful fireworks over Red Square in Moscow. Louis Cole hit the Dubai desert with the top down. Adam Gallagher relaxed in luxe fashion at The LINE Hotel in Los Angeles.

Others preferred to celebrate a new rotation around the sun in rural fashion. User @everchanginghorizon enjoyed a sunrise skate through the sandstone structures of Utah’s Snow Canyon State Park. Stevin Tuchiwsky embraced winter at the hot springs of Whiteswan Lake Provincial Park in Canada. Nikolaus Brinkmann took a stroll through the moody scenery of Germany’s Harz National Park.

Several Instagrammers bid farewell to the outgoing year by getting high. Alex Strohl found himself high in the French Alps with a climbing party en route to the Arête Des Cosmiques. Chris Burkard flung himself from the heights of a natural rock arch in the Westfjords. Wandering duo @staltinourhair floated high above Amsterdam on a retro carnival ride. Guru Khalsa got so high he left Earth’s surface entirely.

Nice to meet you, 2017. Let’s keep the adventures coming.


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