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Inside The World’s Most Luxurious Fashion Designer Hotels

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1 of 11|St Regis New York Dior Suite|Designed by Dior - LINK
2 of 11|Tortuga Bay Hotel Punta Cana|Designed by Oscar de la Renta - LINK
3 of 11|Alice Temperly Teepee|One&Only Resort, Le Saint Géran, Mauritius - LINK
4 of 11|Karl Lagerfeld Hotels & Resort, Macau|Designed by Karl Kagerfeld
5 of 11|Palazzo Versace Gold Coast|Designed by Versace - LINK
6 of 11|Symphony Style Hotel Kuwait|Designed by Missoni - LINK
7 of 11|Bulgari Hotel & Residences London|Designed by Bvlgari - LINK
8 of 11|Hotel Eclat Beijing BAPE Suite|Designed by BAPE - LINK
9 of 11|Fendi Private Suites Rome|Designed by Fendi - LINK
10 of 11|Ralph Lauren Round Hill Hotel & Villas Jamaica|Designed by Ralph Lauren - LINK
11 of 11|Hotel le Bellechasse Paris|Designed by Christian Lacroix - LINK

There are designer labels and then there are designer label digs. The concept of merging an iconic fashion house name with a liveable space is not new.

In the past few years though there’s been an influx of fashion designers staking their reputed names alongside ultra luxurious hotels that will make any Wolfpack blush.

Think names like Karl Lagerfeld, Bvlgari and Missoni all broadening their reach via a different industry and you’re well on the path to living like a style icon – minus the tens of millions of dollars and global recognition.

If your pursuit of once-in-a-lifetime experiences has lead you to dodgy motel rooms with questionable stains then it’s time to step up your game.

Witness the extravagance and indulgence of designer-inspired furniture, theme execution and room aesthetics at your next memorable stay.

These are the world’s best fashion designer hotels.




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