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Pointless & Awesome Things Men Need To Know Today [30.01.17]

The interesting facts have rolled in for a brand new week of procrastinating pleasure. If you’ve ever wondered which celebrities aren’t exactly squeaky clean then you’ve come to the right place. The same goes for those who think they are working more than they should. Thankfully there’s robots to take over your job shall you leave. Pointless and awesome facts coming your way.

Celebrities With Criminal Records


They may be playing the biggest heroes on the big screen but little do many know that some of these celebrities and musicians also hold criminal records for felonies committed during their more carefree days. Take this as an example…or is that a source of inspiration?


Mark Wahlberg – initially charged with attempted murder
Jay-Z – Stabbing
Will Smith – aggravated assault, criminal conspiracy
Matthew Broderick – careless driving
Tim Allen – cocaine possession, drunk driving
Bill Gates – driving without a license and speeding
Matthew McConaughey – drug possession
Bruno Mars – drug possession
Christian Slater – drunk driving, assault, possession of a firearm, sexual assault.
Woody Harrelson – disorderly conduct and resisting arrest
Kiefer Sutherland – drunk driving

[via Buzzfeed]

How Many Hours Salaried Workers Should Work


As big as the expectations a business can have on its employees, knowing the limits is crucial to the survival of any nine-to-fiver.

Forbes has reaffirmed that working people for longer hours doesn’t necessarily make them more productive. In fact it causes issues such as fatigue, quality of work and compromised trust in the workspace. But you didn’t come here for a lecture.

Forbes says that employees should work as many hours as it takes to complete the job within the limit of 45 hours per week. Anything more than that and the job is deemed to be poorly designed.

Days You Can Survive Without Food


We don’t suggest you try this one at home but if ever you were stuck in a dire situation which involved zero food for a few days then don’t despair just yet. It’s been found that humans can survive for more than three weeks without food with the help of that crucial little fluid called water. Given that the body is roughly over 60% water, humans need it more than food to stay alive.


Three to four days without the good stuff is enough to render you dead. Researchers have said that humans can go up to 100 hours without drinking water in average conditions outdoors but if you’re exposed to the sun then you can expect much less.

[via Business Insider]

Jobs Most Likely To Be Taken By Robots


Fearing for one’s job has crossed everyone’s mind at least once in their career but fearing a robotic replacement? That’s another story. These are the jobs that Bloomberg predicts will be most likely taken over by robots in the near future.

[via Bloomberg]

Workouts That Do Nothing For Muscle Growth


Ready for a brand new start to the gym week? Hold your horses there partner. With the immense amount of options and theories to get muscles to grow, their comes the misconstrued exercises which also do absolutely nothing for your gains.

Leg Press: The humble leg press has been touted by experts as one of the worst exercises for your body due to its immense pressure inflicted on the knees and lower back. Excessive weight on the leg press can cause lumbar herniations. Instead go for lunges, deadlifts and squats.

Lat Pulldown (behind the head): This particular move that is often seen amongst the gym lads can cause excessive shoulder external rotation and horizontal abduction, according to Men’s Fitness. This means damage to the ligaments within the shoulder joint.

Smith Machine: Using a Smith Machine for vertical squats is a big no-no. With the body following a fixed motion in an unnatural position, the mid and lower back is made to carry most of the weight.


[via Men’s Fitness]


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