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5 Essential Leather Fragrances For Men

Leather fragrances are a strange paradox. Perfumers originally worked with master tanners to mask the unpleasant scent of hides used for gloves, boots and other leather goods. These days, leather is the scent itself. Leather scents can be oily, tart, smoky, spicy, fruity and even floral. Surprisingly versatile, leather fragrances is a good choice for the man who wants a scent that’s both butch and elegant at the same time.

Memoir Man / Amouage

Leather fragrancesPerfumer Karine Vinchon designed Memoir Man by Amouage around a central note of absinth. The woody and leather fougère fragrance takes the standard fusion of lavender and oakmoss and mixes it up with basil and mint. Heart notes of woods, incense and rose follow the lighter top notes. At the base are smooth, rich notes of amber, vanilla, tobacco and leather.


Colonia Leather Eau de Cologne Concentrée / Acqua di Parma

Leather fragrancesColonia Leather Eau de Cologne Concentrée became the newest member of the Ingredient Collection in May 2014. Acqua di Parma describes the fragrance as an “original creation born by unconventional combining of freshness coming from citrus notes of the original fragrance Colonia and rich, sensual shades of aromatic leather.” Its notes include orange, lime, rose and petit grain, followed by leather, cedar and guaiac wood from Paraguay.


Tuscan Leather / Tom Ford

Leather fragrancesThe 12 eau de parfums of the Private Blend collection, launched in 2007 by Tom Ford, were designed to be used solo or in combination with each other. Tuscan Leather blends top notes of saffron, raspberry and thyme with middle notes of olibanum and night-blooming jasmine. Leather, black suede and amber wood give the scent a complexity and richness that some are convinced smells exactly like cocaine.


Accord Oud / Byredo

Leather fragrancesOud is mentioned in one of the world’s oldest written texts – the Sanskrit Vedas from India – and is a traditional ingredient in incense and perfumes. In Byredo’s capable hands it becomes Accord Oud, a men’s fragrance that blends agar with fresh leather accord, blonde woods, saffron, cinnamon and black plum. Other notes include patchouli, blackberries, rum, clary sage and powdery musk.


Le Parfum De Therese / Frederic Malle

Leather fragrancesEdmond Roudnitska developed this scent for his wife in the 1950s. It remained only in her personal use until Frederic Malle was founded, after which Teresa agreed for the formula to be used in the collection. Le Parfum De Therese opens with tangerine and melon that lead into a heart of rose and plum. Cedar, vetiver and leather finish off the composition.




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