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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #112

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1 of 6|Specialized S-Works Venge
2 of 6|Frauscher 1414 Demon Yacht
3 of 6|LG Signature OLED W7
4 of 6|Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT
5 of 6|Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator
6 of 6|LV Graphite Pencils

Forget about your New Years resolution of spending less time with technology. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. This week’s edition rolls right off the back of CES 2017 and that’s a good thing since we couldn’t fit everything in our best of CES wrap. From a brand new bike to a sleek new boat to LG’s thinnest TV, it’s time to make it rain.

Specialized S-Works Venge

According to the road biking boffins at S-Works, a new year brings with it a new bike. Internally the manufacturer’s latest Venge bicycle is identical to last year’s except for a brand new paint scheme on the outside which marries a sinister black with a deep prismatic silver hue. The result is a gleam of rainbow as the bike flashes by the cameras and most likely its competitors in 2017.



Frauscher 1414 Demon Yacht

This is a dream yacht that will have both you and your guests riding the waves in style. Spanning 14 metres long the boat can hold up to 12 passengers without compromising on luxury and performance. And it’s definitely not called Demon Yacht for nothing. Dual motors deliver up to 520hp each unit whilst the hull and body are crafted from a blend of premium materials. You want amenities? You get a sunbathing area, a bathroom down stairs, a kitchen and sleeping for up to four people.

BUY $843,000

LG Signature OLED W7

LG took it to the competition at this year’s CES when it unveiled their insane 2.57mm-thick OLED TV which has been dubbed the ‘wallpaper TV’. Their latest unit is so thin that it comes with magnets to mount on the wall in order to create a seamless wallpaper look whilst your images come alive. Don’t write it off as lacking in features though. The W7 boasts a 25% brighter screen than other 4K models with HDR.


Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate GT

Let’s just say these are not your average USB thumbdrives you get from a service station. Kingston have created a pair of huge capacity USB drives housing either 1TB or 2TB. That’s enough for it to take out “the world’s highest-capacity USB flash drive”. Because size matters. It will also be expensive when the price is announced later this year.


Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator

Smart fridges that help with the cooking whilst doubling as an entertainment and communication device might not be a thing just yet but Samsung is surely paving the way for it. Their latest Family Hub Refrigerator is a four-door fridge which boasts Wi-Fi connectivity and a massive touchscreen which helps users monitor their groceries before they’re depleted. And you thought opening the door to check was overrated. There’s ten sizes of the smart fridge to choose from and it’s probably only an app away from talking to you.



LV Art Of Gifting: Writing

Louis Vuitton have taken their signature style to writing with a beautifully appointed gift pack which includes stamped graphite pencils bearing the iconic LV logo. A fine appointment to any working man’s office.



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