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Shut Up & Take My Money – Issue #114

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1 of 6|Black & White Fixie
2 of 6|Steve McQueen Race Helmet
3 of 6|1dpi Cocktail Table
4 of 6|CreekKooler
5 of 6|Pelican Boomcase
6 of 6|Mizusion Saltwater-powered LED Lantern

Step into a fresh new wrap of the week’s coolest tech, gadgets and inanimate objects of affection with Shut Up & Take My Money, a fine destination to blow wads of cash you were saving for mother’s medical bills.

Black & White Fixie

Minimalist freaks will need to fight tooth and nail to get this bicycle in their garage. The bike designed by Antwerp’s Eltipo Graphic is number one of one custom made for a pop-up shop. The striking design features a contrasting gloss white with matte black finish finely complemented with laser engraved leather wrapped around the seat and handlebars. You can ask, but it’s likely you’ll have better luck dating Emily Ratajkowski.


Steve McQueen Race Helmet

Own a part of Hollywood motorsport history with the listing of Steve McQueen’s very own race helmet from the 1970s. The ultra rare piece was custom prepared by Von Dutch for McQueen using a Bell helmet and was used by the man during the Serbing race where he finished second in the Gulf Porsche 908/02. McQueen would later don the helmet again during the filming of Le Mans the movie. Expect a very big price tag to come with this one.


1dpi Cocktail Table

Not all cocktail tables are created equal. Artist Florian Roeper looked to the American West to draw inspiration for this stunning piece which consists of over 1200 solid bronze rounds welded together and polished for a sleek finish. The process of welding bronze is one of the hardest feats of metal fabrication hence the artist went to one of the nation’s premiere bronze foundries to accomplish the complex task. As a result, each bronze round is 1″ which correlates to the 1 dot per inch namesake.

BUY $41,528


Never brave Mother Nature without the essentials ever again. CreekKooler is exactly what you think it is, an independent floating buoy which attaches itself to your canoe via a rope to make reaching for cold drinks a breeze. The intuitively designed device even affords enough space for 30 cans which can be kept frosty in its insulated shell. There’s also four built in cup holders to accommodate a few of your fellow rowers. The cooler comes in a choice of red blue or white.

BUY $180

Pelican Boomcase

Pelican cases are already renowned for their sturdiness in protecting one’s most prized equipment but what if we told you this Pelican Boomcase isn’t made for storage? Instead it sports a powerful speaker system which churns out solid noise via a 1,000 Watt amp, twin 6.5″ subwoofers, twin dome tweeters and a four inch protected mid-range speaker. Add to that some shock and waterproof credentials along with Bluetooth capability all in a 16kg unit and it’s one of the most complete portable speaker systems to date. The case also floats in water to double as a life raft.

BUY $895

Mizusion Saltwater-powered LED Lantern

You know you’re in serious trouble when you’re surrounded by seas with little food and no batteries. That’s where this intuitive Japanese lighting device can save your bacon. Salt and water is all a user needs to create light in an emergency situation. The chemical combination of oxygen and a magnesium powered unit is all that’s required to generate electrodes for electricity. Once topped up with salt and water the lantern can afford up to 80 hours of light with a 2,000 lux intensity.

BUY $57




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