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Watch The Prologue To The Upcoming ‘Alien: Covenant’ Film

All is well aboard spaceship Covenant with a new colony of loved up couples setting out to explore the outer depths of space.

The goal is simple: head to a remote planet in order to lay the foundations for a new human settlement in paradise. Lest we forget, this is a Ridley Scott film and that film is the continuation of the iconic ALIEN saga – the first official film which sees the famed film maker returning to the ALIEN franchise.

The four minute prologue shows off the calm yet engaging atmosphere of the crew’s ‘last supper’ before they enter their final cryosleep. The cast consists of Michael Fassbender as the android David from Prometheus and a slew of newcomers including James Franco and Danny McBride who appear to be in their first film together that doesn’t involve weed or Seth Rogen.

Who will survive this harrowing voyage once the aliens show? Only time will tell. And no, Ripley won’t be around to save them.


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